Idaho HB 675 Facing Floors: What You Need to Know

Idaho State Capitol.

From Idaho HB 675, a law that can be a felony punishable by life imprisonment if a minor is given hormones, puberty-blocking drugs or surgery to confirm the minor’s gender identity, was removed from the committee on Monday. The controversial bill currently belongs to the Idaho House of Representatives, which has a conservative majority.

HB 675 amends Idaho’s existing state law prohibiting female genital mutilation and expands on conduct that could result in similar criminal penalties. The proposed changes would remove the word “female” from the film’s title, making it known as “A child’s genital mutilation.” The law provides for knowingly engaging in acts of “circumcision, removal, infection or mutilation of the reproductive organs and organs of children,” when the purpose of such acts is , “attempts to change or affirm a child’s perception of his or her gender if that perception is inconsistent with the child’s biological sex”.

The bill goes on to detail an extensive list of specifically prohibited medical procedures, listing:

(a) Perform sterilization or mutilation procedures, including castration, vasectomy, hysterectomy, salpingectomy, microplastic surgery, orchiectomy, urethrotomy, reconstructive, cystectomy clitorisplasty, vaginoplasty, vulvovaginoplasty, oophorectomy or reconstruction of the urethra with or without reconstruction, scrotal reconstruction, or implantation of testicular or erectile prostheses ;

(b) Perform a mastectomy;

(c) Use or supply of the following drugs that cause profound morphological changes in the genitals of children or cause temporary or permanent infertility:

(i) Puberty-blocking drugs to prevent or delay normal puberty;

(ii) Super physiological testosterone dosage for women; or

(iii) Super physiological estrogen dosage for men; or

(d) Removal of any healthy or undisturbed body part or tissue.

As explained in the official text of the bill statement of purposelegislation to criminalize the treatment of children “struggling with gender dysphoria”:

This legislation would amend the state’s current ban on female genital mutilation, including puberty-blocking drugs, transgender hormones, and sex reassignment surgery when performed on children struggles with gender dysphoria. Like FGM, these medical interventions are almost always irreversible; some make the patient sterile, while others unnecessarily mutilate healthy organs.

HB 675 would include an exception for “a person acting in good faith by the parents or guardians of a child born with a sexually verifiable disorder of sex development.” medican.” The text goes on to give examples of what would constitute such a condition, listing, “(a) A child whose external biological sex characteristics are unclear and unresolvable , such as a child born with an XX chromosome with virilization, an XY chromosome with a poor male, or with both ovarian and testicular tissue; or (b) When a physician makes an alternative diagnosis of a disorder of sex development for which, through genetic testing, the physician has determined that the child does not have a normal sex chromosome structure for a male or a female. ”

Exceptions set forth in the revised law include medical treatment of intersex minors and others with chromosomal abnormalities. However, HB 675 specifically applies to transgender adolescents, as it refers to treatment that is administered to match the child’s “gender perception” rather than the child’s “biological gender”. .

Bill introduced by Republican Idaho lawmaker Bruce SkaugWho testify before the legislative committee said, “This is not a bill to give free treatment to these children with gender dysphoria, it’s a bill to get appropriate treatment and prevent them from making permanent decisions, would permanently render them infertile and mutilate their bodies.”

The ACLU of Idaho said in a declare, “Every major medical association — including the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics — opposes these bills.” It condemns “head covering bans” like HB 675, saying they have no evidence base and can often “disrupt needed medical care and lead to negative health outcomes for young people.” adolescence, including anxiety, depression, and suicide.”

ACLU Deputy Director for Transgender Justice Chase Stranger said in a statement:

These measures do nothing to invest in and protect Idaho youth and families, and Idahos deserve better. Arkansas is the only state that has passed a bill like this, and we immediately took it to federal court. Last week, the Governor of Texas told transgender teens he considers their health care a form of child abuse, and the state court issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the state from harming plaintiffs. in the lawsuit. Criminalizing health care for transgender youth is unscientific, medical, and ethical, and we stand ready to stand against any attack on transgender youth and their families.

Strangio urged people to push senators to vote against HB 675, saying, “These deadly bills must be stopped.”

Law & Crime reached out to Idaho lawmakers who funded HB 675 for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

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