I want a post-apocalyptic game that just gives me chills

Photo of the house you first approached in Dying Light 2, bathed in the morning sun.

Why does everyone want to get out of here?
Screenshots: Techland / Kotaku

I just started Dying Light 2 twice now, once on PC and once on PS5. Both times I had the same difficulty: I didn’t want to leave that starting position. A few rotting skeletons aside, it’s perfect – that’s where I want to be in the apocalypse. Turns out this guy’s missing sister, she must have been dead for a long time. I want to settle down here, in this peaceful autumn landscape.

One day there will be the post-apocalyptic game I want to play for the rest of my life. A game with no zombies, no aliens, no lunatic murderous roaming gangs — just me, an abandoned planet, and time. As far as I’m concerned, the least fun thing you can do with a post-apocalyptic plot is fill it with other people, and I can’t fathom how no one has made the game. alone, in isolation, of the absolute freedom I longed for. very long time.

Dying Light 2 is that game! In 10 minutes. And then it immediately rushes you forward, toward the big city, a place crowded with people, let alone zombies, that feels like a busy Saturday in town. Some doomsday. It was just a really bad power outage.

But, you might be wondering, surely without all the usual gaming pleasures, there wouldn’t be enough to do? Oh my, there’s so much to do.

Will Forte pushes a t-rex skull onto the dining table in The Last Man On Earth.

Image: Fox / Kotaku

Remember the first episode of the great thing The last man on earth? When Will Forte’s character has found a home to live in and we watch as he moves his collected items to the giant foyer? There’s the rug from the Oval Office, a t-rex skull from the National History Museum, a Monet, Dorothy’s red shoes, an Egyptian coffin…that’s it!

Then I want to be motivated to leave my chosen home for the chance to tip and steal. Browse through strangers’ drawers, string together secrets of long gone, then step into a gallery and grab all the best paintings.

Think of the extraordinary complexity of so many modern open world games, how they have entire cities to explore but so little to find inside of them. Imagine if the development effort went into creating the combat systems, the tedious dialogues with NPCs you were forced to sit through and all the bloody cutscenes that formed the faction that lived here or anything, is replaced by spending time filling every place with small items.

I want Came home-Level stories to piece together house by house. I want Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey the realm of detail in the museum. I’m talking about the third-A here, but not focusing on combat, nor ticking symbols, but just focusing on discover. Sure, let’s keep as well Dying Light 2Great parkour, but don’t be chased! Just because I can.

The view from the opening house in Dying Light 2, from the veranda overlooking the distant mountains.

I will live here forever
Screenshots: Techland / Kotaku

I’ve probably been thinking a lot about what I could do if I were the last man on Earth. I know, from telling many others, that this doesn’t have the same appeal for them as it does for me. This is probably because they’re not misfits or something. In fact, many people have told me that in that situation their first choice is to die. To escape the horror of being completely alone. Though maybe their kids aren’t as loud as mine.

So that’s when I started Dying Light 2, the house you go to in the opening minutes, that’s where I want to stay. As long as no other chap bothers me. Yeah, get rid of those corpses, maybe sweep some leaves out in the yard, you know, clean up in general. And then start making it home, a place from where I can take a stroll through that beautiful mountain forest, or on more ambitious days, start a picnic for a point along the way. horizon.

There might be quests entering the big towns. Of course it’s optional as this is mine Apocalypse. Not to save anything, or stop a robot uprising, but just to find a bunch of crap. Imagine that incredible space but without zombies and nagging NPCs, all replaced with the rest of their abandoned lives. I could spend forever in that game.

Instead, I had to deal with the opening minutes of a secluded paradise, and then eventually abandon it with the noise and bustle of a city densely populated with odd and dangerous jobs, in a very decent parkour zombie festival. There is this whole extraordinary world, created by extraordinary developers, and it could be mine! Indeed, there are dozens of such worlds! The open world is built for one game, used for one game only, then tossed aside. Surely they can be recycled? Surely I can build my game from the abandoned remains of previous games?

One day it will be created. It will be a surprise hit. It will have “NO MULTIPLE LOTS” in its marked features. Together, except for not being together, we lost our way will have our love, and we will be very happy without each other.

https://kotaku.com/post-apocalyptic-game-idea-dying-light-2-fallout-explor-1848562585 I want a post-apocalyptic game that just gives me chills

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