I tried shaving my body hair with a beard trimmer because TikTok told me

The older I get, the more I shave body hair become – silly because I hate doing it, however, I just love being shaved, especially down over there (the internal misogyny is very interesting!). That’s all, although I am regularly faced with red bumps that double my body with a five-blade razor when I shower. The people on TikTok also like to keep at least hair-free with me, which I know because I constantly watch them find shaving alternatives like waxing, depilatories, depilatories feathers, and depilatory cream.

One of these shaving alternatives recently caught my attention because I already own one: the men’s facial trimmer. For years, I kept an inexpensive pharmacy trimmer in my medicine cabinet to keep at home mutilation But little did I know, TikTok users have reused the facial epilator to remove body hair, reportedly without any irritation. I’ve seen people use (or hear them talk about using) one for hair removal on their feet, armpit, and even bikini line – so I had to test this method on my very dark and coarse body hair, which happens a lot with sensitive, powdery skin (thank you, Irish-Italian bloodline).

For my little testing, I clearly didn’t want to bring my six-year-old generic beard trimmer to my most sensitive areas, so I opted for a substantial upgrade: Meridian’s The Trimmer, given to me by the brand. It’s actually designed specifically for men’s pubic grooming, but it’s more or less like a beard trimmer: a vibrating razor with small comb-like teeth that come with some comb attachments. longer. It’s incredibly compact and, with its olive green color, is pretty cute for a “men’s” product. Similar pruning options include Bushbalm . Francesca Trimmer or Manscaped’s The Lawn Mower.

Before switching to skivvies, I reached out to a board-certified dermatologist based in Connecticut. Mona Gohara, MD, for some basic tips on preparing. “[Use a] gentle cleansers and scrubs; I always think it’s a good idea before waxing or grooming,” she explained to Charming. “Before trimming, make sure the hair is dry.” I shower with shower gel – Billie’s Cream-Gel – and rub – Frank Body The Original Coffee Scrub – according to Gohara’s instructions. After each bath, I lie on the bed in my robe until it’s dry all so I’m not too worried about excess water on my body hair.

Then in my bath I took the trimmer to my armpits, then my legs, then my pubic area. It should be noted that my hair in the previous two areas has only grown in a few days. The second one, I haven’t touched for at least a week and a half. This wasn’t exactly a game-changing moment for me, but I found a great, lazy alternative to shaving for the days when I need a last-minute clean or want to shave but can’t. bother.

I say that because using a trimmer to shave your body hair like this doesn’t shave as clean as a razor. Instead of a clean, shiny surface, the beard trimmer will leave you with the tiniest hairs – if you have lighter colored body hair, you might not even be able to see it. After using it on all areas where I shave regularly, I noticed it’s not as smooth as after a traditional shave, but I totally agree with that for situations where it’s not… well, Intimate if you catch my drift.

https://www.allure.com/story/shaving-pubic-hair-with-beard-trimmer-review I tried shaving my body hair with a beard trimmer because TikTok told me

Charles Jones

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