How to Win with Mad Maggie in Apex Legends – tips and strategies

Mad Maggie is a newer addition to Apex Legends, and with it comes a variety of tools to keep both your allies and enemies on their toes. Focused on movement and fast-paced gameplay, Mad Maggie is the perfect Legend for players who hate fighting reinforced squads with Legends like Gibraltar and Rampart. However, using Mad Maggie can be a bit confusing at first, so this guide will explain how to use her kit to oust enemy Legends with Ferocity.

Nobody hides from the drill.

Mad Maggie’s tactic, the Riot Drill, was designed to shake up other squads’ playstyle by forcing them to move out of cover when a drill is fired. Do you see a legend healing behind a door? Use the Riot Drill to push them away and push them in to secure the kill. The Riot Drill is also the perfect tactic to deal with pesky Gibraltar bubbles as it can force players out of the bubble as the drill deals constant incendiary damage.

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Mad Maggie’s Riot Drill also pairs well with her passive ability, Warlord’s Ire, which highlights enemy legends you damage while allowing you to move faster while using shotguns. Because of the synergy here, chasing enemies away with her drill and then quickly chasing them down with a shotgun is a fantastic playstyle that often catches enemies off guard.

Wrecking Ball clears a path.

The name of the game when playing Mad Maggie is aggression, and her Ultimate Wrecking Ball complements aggression perfectly. If you happen to spot an anchored team, throwing your wrecking ball in their direction will force them to either move or take the damage while you and your team increase speed to close the distance and get close to the enemy .

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Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball is also a great backup plan when you and your team need to quickly break out of a fight or do a quick rotation. While some Legends obviously do better at this, the wrecking ball’s speed boost is still respectable enough to get you out of a sticky situation.

Using calculated aggression mixed with a little bit of risk will have you working wonders playing Mad Maggie. Don’t be afraid to start fights instead of waiting for them to come to you as you play them, and you’ll quickly find yourself and your squad running through enemy legends before they even know what hit them . How to Win with Mad Maggie in Apex Legends – tips and strategies

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