How to use Knockback influence in MultiVersus and beat the Busted tutorial

character racket MultiVersus draws inspiration from Super Smash Bros. in many ways. Even casual gamers can recognize it the Smash Bros. mechanic of directional influence – the ability for the person who is hit to affect the direction their character sails across the screen. A simplified version appears in multiverse is called the impact of recoil. Like its Smash Bros. counterpart, it allows players to survive potentially fatal hits. In this guide you will learn why the recoil influence is so important and how you can use it to avoid dying as often in the game.

[Ed. note: MultiVersus also has a knockback influence tutorial, but at the time of publish, it appears to be glitched and won’t recognize player input. Some players have brute-forced a completion by pressing the PlayStation or Xbox home button in addition to the directional stick movements indicated. We tested this on PC, where the solution is pressing Alt+Tab, and it worked. The rest of our guide explains how to actually use knockback influence.]

Similar to Smash Bros when your character gets damaged MultiVersus, a number next to the character’s name will increase at the bottom of the screen. Different attacks cause this number to increase by different amounts; The higher it is, the more your character will be knocked back from attacks and stunned. As your damage percentage climbs into the mid-to-late hundreds, you’ll see them launch off-screen – but there’s a way to outlast a high percentage and avoid sailing to your demise.

The Knockback Influence tutorial in MultiVersus has a CPU version of Wonder Woman fighting you - and it's buggy, making it almost impossible to delete

Image: Player First Games/Warner Bros. Games via Polygon

How to use directed influence to survive

Heavily damaged players in MultiVersus gain some control over how they move as they fly across the screen. If you react quickly enough during the in-air time, players will be able to choose a direction for their trajectory. They can aim for a wall to stop their swing, or just aim for a spot that isn’t sure doom. With enough practice, timing and directing your direction correctly can turn a probable death into a second chance, even when your fighter’s percentages in the danger zone are glowing red.

To do this, you must first pay attention to and react to which direction you were shot. After taking the hit and flying, hold the stick in the direction you want to travel.

It’s not as easy to hold the stick in the opposite direction, like e.g. B. Hold the stick to the right when you were launched to the left. You should manipulate your trajectory so that the recoil eases and you can then point in the opposite direction again. For example: if you are shot directly to the left or right, you will most likely go straight into the wall’s blast zone and die. To survive this, hold your stick up when you’re lower to the ground, or hold the stick down if you’re hit in mid-air. This can buy you some time while the recoil stun wears off. After surviving hold your stick opposite the attack that launched you and you should be able to return to the stage.

Batman, Harley Quinn, Jake the Dog and Arya Stark battle it out in a screenshot from MultiVersus

Image: Player First Games/Warner Bros. Games

Other uses of directed influence

Like its sibling platformer Smash Bros, multiverse also has other forms and uses of directed influence. One that you’ll be using just as often as the recoil influence is the combo directional influence. This requires moving the stick in a specific direction to escape combos. Often you’ll use this in conjunction with the recoil directional affect to survive as long as possible rather than losing early lives to combos that don’t take directional affect.

As with Smash, the combo directional influence you aim for will vary from combo to combo. The tried-and-true formula that can save you from many situations – especially in this very early beta meta – is to simply stay away from your attacker. This will slowly pull you out of the attacker’s onslaught, especially if it’s a simple jab combo.

Directed Influence is one of your most important defenses in platformers, and the same holds true in MultiVersus. Once you master it, you’ll quickly find that you survive a lot more than explode. Sometimes well above the 100% mark. How to use Knockback influence in MultiVersus and beat the Busted tutorial

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