How to use a flashlight in Dead By Daylight

Survivors in Dead By Daylight face an uphill battle while attempting to escape the play area with their lives. The killer is a behemoth that will not stop chasing you and trying to sacrifice you to the entity. There aren’t many options for the survivors to fight back, they just have to hope the killer doesn’t find them or they should have enough escape skills to escape in case of danger. The Flashlight is a tool that Survivors can use to help out a bit, but it’s hard to use any of it. How to use flashlights in Dead By Daylight.

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How to use a flashlight in Dead By Daylight

Using a flashlight is really easy, but it can be a little tricky to put it to good use. First, make sure you equip one in your gear after unlocking it in the Bloodweb, or you can find one in an in-game chest. As with other items, if you die with it equipped you will lose it and will have to get another one from the Bloodweb. Use the right trigger on consoles or right click on PC to turn it on.

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Flashlights don’t have a lot of charge by default in Dead By Daylight, so only use them when necessary. There are add-ons that can give you more duration, but even then it’s not much. If a killer is chasing you, shine a light in his eyes to blind him. Of course, this will keep them from seeing you for a short time, but they can still move and attack, so get out of the way quickly. The beam extends 10 meters and blinds the killer for two seconds. If you blind a Killer while he’s carrying a teammate to a hook, the teammate will fall free in the injured state and be able to run away. This is undoubtedly the best use for the flashlight.

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There are also some secondary special effects when using the flashlights on certain killers:

  • Witch traps are uncovered and destroyed
  • The Wraith is stunned while cloaked
  • Hitting the nurse when she blinks will make her tired
  • The Legion is instantly snapped out of its frenzy
  • The shells of the spirit are destroyed

Overall, we recommend using a different piece of gear if you’re a new Dead By Daylight player. Getting the beam in the killers’ eyes while they’re chasing you can be very finicky and challenging. Experienced players are pretty good at getting the killer to drop their teammates when they’re caught, so it definitely has its uses, but don’t put yourself in danger because of it. How to use a flashlight in Dead By Daylight

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