How to tame a tropeognathus in Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved has several flying dinosaurs that players can tame and use to explore the vast lands. The Tropeognathus is an important aviator tame for tribes, as it gives players the ability to rule the skies with its unique saddle.

However, the Tropeognathus is a unique tamer, much like the Equus and the Unicorn, as players must slay this bird without incurring its aggression for a passive tamer. Also, only a specific type of bola can be used to trigger that bird’s taming chances.

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Prepare a Tropeognathus to tame

On PC, these unique birds can only be found on the Crystal Islands. For console players, these birds can be found on any map that allows flying dinosaurs. The players must have it chain bola and a turret to fire the projectile at the Tropeognathus during flight. A standard bola can still defeat the bird, but does not allow passive taming.

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The chain bola must be used with the ballista turret, but this can be mounted on a platform saddle for easier catching. First try to tame a Quetz and use a Platform Saddle to get the Ballista Tower close to a Tropeognathus in the air.

The player attacking the Tropeognathus with the chain bola will be flagged as being aggressive towards the beast – if you’re attempting to tame this creature solo, it could be beneficial to have two players work in tandem, although it’s not required.

Taming the Tropeognathus

Once that bird has been knocked down with a chain bola, it’s time to start passive taming. Players can use exceptional kibble or meat (this bird prefers raw mutton) to tame this creature. Put the food in the last slot of your Hot Bar and start feeding the captured Tropeognathus.

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Depending on its level and the quality of food offered to the tame, the Tropeognathus can last a while. If players are unable to complete the tame while the chain bola is active, they must hit the bird with another chain bola to give it another piece of food. This, with the possibility of the bird dropping into contested areas near predators, can make this bird a difficult one to tame. However, the results are worth it.

Using the Tropeognathus

The greatest joy of a tamed Tropeognathus is that it can transform into a kind of fighter jet with its saddle. Players must give the bird both gas and grenades (which are placed in the tame’s inventory) once it is saddled. Pressing the CTRL key while in flight on this bird activates the engines and places a crosshair on screen to fire the Mk 19 mounted over the bird’s head.

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With this bird, tribes can control the skies on PvP servers, stop opposing faction metal runs with Quetzals, and destroy fortifications. Users should note that the bird will continue to lose stamina during flight while the engines are active. How to tame a tropeognathus in Ark: Survival Evolved

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