How to solve dandelion korok puzzles

Link is standing in front of a korok dandelion on a snowy hill.

screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Like its predecessor, it has a lot of Korok missions breath of the wildbut there is a new type of korok quest that has me confused: the dandelion.

A few hours after exploring Hyrule, I noticed a dandelion that was conspicuously out of place – a classic example of a korok among us. I climbed the pillar where I found this dandelion. When nothing happened, no magical tree friend appeared, no prompts to “examine” or “pick up,” I did the natural. I struck this weed with the deadly weapon I carried. The dandelion fluttered. I panicked. I thought of the Korok balloon trials, where you have to hit one or more (often moving) balloons, all in the name of get a poor korok droppings– I mean seeds. I shot several arrows in vain. Am I missing it? Why is the target so small? And why does it have to move so much?

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The dandelion inevitably fell to the ground and returned to its place where I had found it. I kept wasting arrows before I thought, “No, I definitely hit it this time.” It can’t be that.”

I walked toward the dandelions on the ground. Maybe I had to strike there? Don’t ask why I was so anxious to harm this little plant. Next to, I saw what you all did to Koroks. I tried to hit the dandelion, but caught a prompt mid-swing. One I was hoping would show up when I first found the dandelion.

How do I solve this? Tears of the Kingdom Korok seed dandelion puzzle?

In order to get the Korok seed from the dandelion, you have to beat it. Then run down (probably with your glider) and wait for it to reach you, where you can quickly press the A button to choose “Investigate” when it’s close enough.

The "Test" A prompt will appear, allowing Link to collect the Korok Seed.

screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

A few things to note. First of all, you should look up to keep track of where the angry weeds will fall. The dandelion doesn’t always fall in exactly the same place. You should also be prepared for this, because if you don’t reply right away, it will quickly disappear back to where you found it.

It’s almost by accident that I found this out. So don’t be like me Glide down with grace and save your darts for the balloons.

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