How to power up the glyph and complete the Totems encounter in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2

The Totems encounter is the first major, mechanic-heavy hurdle you’ll overcome in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall Raid. Here your goal is to power the glyph and open the door to fight against Oryx’s forces. Additionally, you’ll need to coordinate with your fireteam throughout the fight to ensure everyone stays connected and understands their duty to progress. This guide covers how to power up the glyph and complete the Totems encounter in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2.

How the Totems encounter works in King’s Fall Raid

When you enter the area, several acolytes will worship in front of a door in an arena with two identical sides. Your team must split into groups of three, with two people from those groups taking the platforms facing the Acolytes and one person standing on a totem down the hallway. There is a token on the totems that the person below can interact with to start the encounter, but you can shoot any Acolyte or get too close to start the encounter.

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When the encounter begins, the two people on the platform will find a wizard appearing from the door. Defeat the Wizard and then a Blightguard Taken Knight will appear. Defeat the Taken Knight and he will drop an Incendiary Orb. One person from the group on the platform designated as the runner must bring the ball down the hallway to the person standing on the totem. The one standing on the platform will want to take out any enemies they see coming through the big door to help those standing on the totem.

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The person standing on the totem is protected by an aura known as the Weaver’s Brand. While standing on the totem and killing enemies, that player gains stacks of Deathsinger Power and counts down the Weaver’s Brand buff. The person who took the Incendiary Orb from the top platform and ran down to the totem can steal this buff from the other person, and they will want to do so before the buff time runs out. The Mark of the Weave lasts for 30 seconds.

When they swap buffs, the person standing there and gaining the Deathsinger power must return to the center of the arena. They will release their stacks there and power the door. It will take some time for these stacks to fall off. So plan to stay here for a while. After releasing those stacks, they can head back to the platform, grab the Incendiary Orb from the Blightguard Taken Knight, and then run back to the totem. Everyone will want to continue this process to complete the encounter.

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Around the third or fourth run, an unstoppable ogre will spawn in the middle arena. Those taking down the Wizards and Blightguards will want to use unstoppable weapons to stun and defeat this enemy.

You have to keep going through this rotating process until your team has collected 100 Deathsinger’s Power and is standing on the middle totem to storm the door. You can monitor progress by watching the glowing glyphs on the side of the door, and when they reach the top the encounter is complete.

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We recommend that those standing on the platforms have a sword or machine gun against the Taken Knight to take them out quickly, allowing the runners to effortlessly grab the Brands and dash down to the totem. The wizard that appears at the door also has a shield over it, and if you can use a weapon that can match his shield, you’ll be able to take him down a lot quicker.

Don’t be surprised if someone starting on the top platforms has to trade with a runner and rush down to steal the token. You should talk to your team about how many stacks of Deathsinger Power you have, as this means you have to stand on the center totem longer to power the door. How to power up the glyph and complete the Totems encounter in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2

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