How to Play the Wretch in Elden Ring – Best Strategies and Weapons

The Wretch is easily the funnest class in Elden Ring, which of course means that it’s secretly the best in the long run. Starting with an empty head and a heart full of wonder allows you to sculpt your character in any direction, and once you unlock the reincarnation mechanic your build is close to infinite


If you’re an experienced player, start with Lands Between Rune to buy a bunch of levels right off the bat so you can get your build rolling without having to grind down a bunch of enemies, but if you’re unsure you can with that get by after burning your keepsake immediately. Then we suggest catching the goblins. They’ll attract a lot of aggro, making bosses easier, and the bleed they inflict will shred tough customers and keep fights shorter.

It’s best to go into a wretch build with a vague idea of ​​the type of character you want to play as you’ll want to replace that bat and find a pair of pants (unless that’s something you’re into). as soon as possible Their stats all start out close enough to the base requirements for most early items, so don’t stress yourself scraping together runes to swing in a different direction.

If you’re looking for a more specific guide, investing in Arcane, Dex, and Vitality will never go wrong. Bleed builds are among the most aggressive and produce the best results. The Reduvia, found by defeating an invader near Murkwater Cave, will set you up for a long time in the early game. Also, Elden Ring loves to reward you with strength-based weapons. If you want to go without the slightest amount of these, stock up on power, save up your gold runes for upgrades, and let the great swords overwhelm you.

follow your heart

Playing a wretch is all about following your heart. Elden Ring creates dozens of ways to respec your character when you feel like you need the boost, so go wild. Find a build you think is interesting and target it – don’t be afraid to switch gears abruptly.

If you’re a numbers person and want to get the optimal amount of damage out of your stats, the Wretch is still the go-to choice. If you start with an even distribution, you won’t waste a single point anywhere. The utility of the Wretch lies in its flexibility – embrace that and become an Elden Lord. How to Play the Wretch in Elden Ring – Best Strategies and Weapons

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