How to play the Stab Bombancer in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

There are six classes to choose from in Wonderlands, each taking on the role of classes you would find in a typical RPG. The Stabbomancer plays the role of the villain/thief. They stick to the shadows and will attack if an enemy’s back is turned. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. If this sounds like a class you’re interested in then here’s everything you need to know to play the Stab Bombancer in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

be sneaky

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Wonderlands isn’t a game where you sneak around behind enemies’ backs and attack them when they least expect it. Starting off, the Staff Bombancer gains the Spirit Blade action skill, which allows them to throw a spectral blade that twirls in place. This weapon deals melee damage and can be moved at the cost of a shorter duration. At level seven, you unlock the From the Shadows ability. This is significantly better than the Ghost Blade ability. From the Shadows is the same ability as Fl4k’s Fade Away skill from Borderlands 3. You become invisible for a short time. During this time, all of your attacks are critical hits, which deal 25% less damage than normal critical hits. This ability allows you to destroy boss health bars in a snap if properly built.

skills to pay the bills

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The Staff Bomber skill tree focuses heavily on critical hit damage, status effects, and movement. As a staff bomber, you don’t want to look your enemy in the face. Instead, you want to keep moving, and your skills will help you do that. Some of the most notable abilities in the Stab Boomancer tree are:

  • Arsenal: Increases melee, weapon, and spell damage by 15% when maxed out.
  • Nimble Fingers: Whenever you deal melee damage, your rate of fire and spell damage are increased.
  • Infection: When you apply a status effect to an enemy, there is a chance it will spread to nearby enemies. If there is no enemy nearby, a different random status effect will be applied to the initial enemy.
  • thousand cuts: Your critical hits grant increased damage dealt for a short time.
  • Fast Death: As you move, you take increased damage dealt. The faster you move, the greater the damage bonus.
  • Exploit their weakness: Whenever you apply a status effect to an enemy, the affected enemy takes increased damage from all sources for the duration.

While there are plenty of other skills to try, these will no doubt help you create a powerful build. Remember that your talent also increases your critical hit chance by 30%. This is great for pairing with abilities that give bonuses to critical hits.

Skill, attunement, and strength are your friends

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Before we dive into the details, strength is more of a suggestion than a necessity. While Strength is a nice stat for a staff bomber due to the increased damage from critical hits, it’s not the most important stat unless your build calls for it. Your main focus should be skill. Depending on which background you choose, you can have up to 30 skill points before unlocking Mythos ranks. Maxing out your Dexterity increases your critical hit chance by a massive 40%. You will receive critical hits throughout the day.

Attunement is another important skill that comes into play depending on what build you’re aiming for. If you focus more on spells, you don’t need to worry about attunement and can instead put those points into intelligence. The attunement is for those who focus on skills. This reduces the cooldown of your action skill, which is very useful when you run From the Shadows as a skill.

Class station wagons

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The Stab Bombancer is a fairly universal class that really can be stacked with any other class to create a deadly combo. Two of the more notable combinations are with the Spellshot and the Spore Warden. When you combine the Stabbomancer with the Spellshot, you get a combination that can almost always critically hit with its spells. The damage bonus abilities of both skill trees combine to create something truly powerful. Just be careful not to get carried away. This class combination can be pretty muddy.

Combining your abilities with the Spore Warden means not only more critical hit chances, but also status effect chances. These two classes together can be an enemy’s worst nightmare as they catch fire, get electrocuted, and poisoned before they have a chance to fire back. If you choose the Spore Warden route, you’ll also get a companion that has the ability to revive when things go south. How to play the Stab Bombancer in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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