How to play the Claw Bringer in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Be the noble paladin you always wanted to be! Or choose the Clawbringer. It’s close enough, isn’t it? The Clawbringer is one of the more robust classes in Wonderland. It can take a hit and then retaliate with mighty vengeance. This jar has a dragon theme, granting you dragon abilities and a wyvern companion for that vital support. If that sounds like the class for you, then here’s everything you need to know about the Clawbringer in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Throwing the hammer is better

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As a Clawbringer, you receive your Wyvern pet as a feat. You also get your powerful hammer, reminiscent of that of a certain Norse god (but much larger). You have a choice of two action abilities. The first, Cleansing Flames, lets you slam your hammer at unsuspecting enemies. This attack deals a large amount of AOE fire damage and scales your ability damage. The other action skill, Storm Dragon’s Judgment, lets you throw your hammer. This deals Lightning melee damage to all enemies it touches and nearby enemies it lands on. Pressing your action skill button a second time will recall the hammer. This action skill tends to be much better than the former and you should equip it once you reach level seven.

All about skills

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The Clawbringer is the king of damage from status effects. Almost every ability they possess deals either fire or lightning damage. In addition, they have abilities that help them in their survivability in battle. Here are some of the best abilities her tree has to offer:

  • blame: You get increased damage reduction. Additionally, all damage dealt to allies is reflected back at the attacker as lightning ability damage.
  • dragon aura: You are surrounded by an aura that grants you and your allies increased elemental damage.
  • Indomitable: If you would enter Save Your Soul, instead fill up your protection and deal additional lightning damage. This skill has a long cooldown of 120 seconds.
  • Storm Strike: Whenever you activate your action ability, you call down elemental bolts that deal fire and lightning damage.
  • Shy: Whenever you deal fire damage, you gain increased critical strike damage. Whenever you deal lightning damage, you gain increased critical hit chance.
  • Oath of Thunder: You deal additional lightning damage to your melee damage.

If you plan to play a Clawbringer, consider increasing your Strength, Dexterity, Attunement, and Wisdom. While not all of these stats are recommended, they do help the Clawbringer deal additional damage. If you enjoy using your action ability, increase your attunement to use it more often. Strength gives you a bunch of extra damage when you get a critical hit. Dexterity increases your chances of critical hits. Last but not least, Wisdom increases your status damage for all your Lightning and Fire attacks.

The ultimate class combinations

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If melee damage is what you love about the Clawbringer, consider mixing it up with the Brrzerker. The combination of these two classes can devastate enemies. Swing down your powerful melee weapon, whether it’s a hammer, sword, or pickaxe, dealing increased damage everywhere. The Enrage talent helps you deal additional Frost damage. The Brrzerker class tree also gets increased melee damage, and some skills even increase your AOE damage.

Another great class to pair with the Clawbringer is the Spore Warden. The Spore Guard tree focuses on action skill damage and elemental damage. This can result in massive AOE damage that will leave your enemies begging for mercy. You can also use the Mushroom pet to create a high-damage pet build that can also dish out tons of status effects. How to play the Claw Bringer in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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