How to play Chris in The King of Fighters XV – Moves and tactics for beginners

14-year-old Swede Chris has a lot to offer for those who prefer the faster fighting style in The King of Fighters XV. He can move from place to place in a matter of seconds, and when he area his opponents, he puts on a cheerful grin that can certainly reveal a bit of chill.

Use Chris’ speed to your advantage

Chris is as agile as an acrobat as he zooms across the stage at lightning speed, and this is a good thing since he doesn’t have any projectiles to use. With Chris, you want to go head-to-head with your opponent rather than waiting on one side of the stage, especially against projectile users. Don’t give them any space, and if you have space between Chris and your opponent, make sure to use his slide kick. Do it by holding down the arrow buttons on the bottom right and then using a heavy kick.

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To make Chris even faster, his dashing ability does the trick. Slide your finger down to the right on the D-Pad and press the quick launch button to use an oddly long dash called the Scramble Dash. If the opponent is coming towards you from the air, try to use Hunting Air (right, down, right + any kick button) as an anti-air attack. If you want to increase its power, do the same moving motion (to the right, down, to the right) but do it twice. Chris will twirl through the air twice with his kicks, but you’ll pay a bar on your power meter.

However, that was not the end of his lightning attacks. You can do both high kicks and powerful punches reinforced by his speed. Go, back and left with any kick button to use a quick dive kick; Heavy and short kicks have different timing patterns. The punches are a little different. The heavy button punch with back and left movement for a quick mid kick, while the short punch provides a low strike. Practice all four variations to keep your enemies guessing.

Knockback and quick attack

To do a quick retyping, press both punch and kick buttons simultaneously (triangle and circle buttons by default on PS4/PS5 or Y and B buttons on Xbox systems). Chris will perform a devastating kick in the air to push your opponent to the other side of the map.

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Another special move that you should be aware of is the Chain Side Touch. This is also part of the automatic combo when you are at Level 1, but it can be done normally with two movements down, to the right and then either button. This will do a fierce slap to your enemy’s chest, but it only deals 10-15% damage; However, it is a quick way to stop an oncoming threat, as Chris is super speed.

His ultimate attack, Onslaught Mirage, is difficult to inflict for beginners, but it can be used using automatic combination while there are three power lines on your watch. To do it normally (and get extra damage doing movements on your controller), go down, left, and then rotate your fingers left, down, and right by press the heavy punch and heavy kick buttons at the same time (same as knocking again). It’s hard, but there’s an official tutorial mode if you need practice. It takes about half their health, so it’s well worth the effort.

Chris is just one of 39 characters to master the base game, but hopefully, you can play through Team Orochi’s story mode with this guide. How to play Chris in The King of Fighters XV – Moves and tactics for beginners

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