How to play as Kislev in Total War: Warhammer 3

Kislev plays an important role in Total War: Warhammer 3. God-Bear Ursun, mortally wounded by the Kislev Prince turned Daemon, has direct ties to The Old World’s icy north, and this faction seeks to solve it. save God-Bear from Be’lakor.

Legendary lord

  • Tzarina Katarin
  • Kostaltyn
  • Boris Ursus

Kislev offers two legendary lords to play with initially, with the third lord (Boris Ursus) unlocked by completing a campaign quest Katarin. The two Lords are initially at odds (with a -40 natural affinity), where Tzarina Katarin holds the true bloodline and kingdom of Kislev, and Kostaltyn and his great Orthodoxy with fervor religion.

Faction mechanics


Kislev’s faction is semi-democratic, with both Katarin and the Great Orthodoxy fighting for support across her lands. By constructing unique buildings, holding heroes with special traits, and through in-game events, supporters will come and go, which ultimately increases the devotion of Friend.


The dedication gained allows faction leaders to utilize Motherland’s abilities, from increasing trade revenue to increasing melee attack. Using these abilities to combine battles and sway supporters will be key to Kislev’s successful stages.

Ice rink

An important aspect of Kislev is found in the Ice Court, a unique system that allows players to tailor upcoming Lords and Heroes to a specific style. Players can choose what these units specialize in, from their ability to stalk their prey on the battlefield to the devastating spells they master. Research plays a big part in Ice Court: players would do well to make sure they load first, unlocking Ice Court abilities to power up their armies early on.


Kislev was able to use the Atamans, or regional rulers, to help administer the settlements and provinces Kislev controlled. With one Ataman issued for each of the two provinces, these NPCs can help control order, trade from one province, and even help reduce corruption. Typically, users will want to support recently gained provinces to prevent pervasive corruption and control the public after a conquest.

Chaos Kingdom Campaign

Regardless of which hero you started with, your enemies for most of the campaign are the same: Humans, Skavens, Greenskins, Ogres, and finally Chaos.

Tzarina Katarin is the recommended starter faction and Legendary Lord for players new to Total War: Warhammer 3, and for good reason. Starting with the secure settlement of Kislev province, Katarin needed to defend her eastern border while using diplomacy to reach the southern factions. A Chaos Rift will appear within one stone north of the Kislev settlement, making the settlement the ideal hub for the entire campaign.

Note that Chaos Rifts will spawn everywhere during the campaign: you’ll always want a defensive building for every settlement and it’s not a bad idea if you supplement the garrison with buildings additions such as the City Watch building chain.

The Great Orthodoxy begins closer to Daemon Prince, and has no ‘real’ capital: Castle Alexandronov is the starting settlement, and it’s a four-site zone there. Kolstaltyn players will defend the Troll Country province, where focusing on a strong front line with archers will be enough to turn the head of the game in their favor.

No matter who you choose, remember – the Realm of Chaos campaign can only be won by securing all four Daemon Prince souls of their respective gods, obtained by entering and completing per Chaos Rift. There will be a warning about 10 turns before Chaos Rift opens: make sure you have full 20/20 troops in your Legendary Lord and challenge a god every time the Rift opens to stay ahead enemy faction.

The only caveat to this is the kingdom of Slaanesh: Slaanesh’s round progress in the Chaos Rift will yield better and better rewards for each round of pass. The last ring, just before challenging the God, tends to offer great benefits that can help you overcome your enemies. The offer seems random – if you don’t like what you see, accept the challenge and win souls for your efforts.


Your early game will consist of gathering any pieces you can and throwing them at an army. Focus on getting the settlement to level 2 to upgrade the Kossar Hut to Chataz to equip armored Kossars for your frontline and add a great weapon variation to help kill enemies quickly after tying them up at the front line.

When you reach Level 3 with capital settlement, Royal Barracks will upgrade your frontline to Tzar Guard. They can be defeated, but it should be noted that their sustain is 250 per turn – a lane that is only 4 points wide costs 1,000 gold a turn, but it has proven to be a tough spot break for most enemies. The animal cave chain at level 3 will provide Snow Leopards, a unit with low health and armor but the highest melee attack power in the game at 50.

If you find that your frontline easily withstands the initial charge and keeps the front line, use Leopards instead the awesome weapon variations to wipe most enemies off the battlefield. Note that most Kislev infantry units have both melee and ranged guns: they work differently from bows. In bow, they need direct line of sight but can paralyze enemies before the lines have a chance to meet. With some extra cavalry units and a siege for ranged hitters, Kislev is a formidable foe in battle without relying too much on micro. How to play as Kislev in Total War: Warhammer 3

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