How to make kibble in Ark: Survival Evolved

One of the best things about Ark Survival Evolved is that players can tame a wide variety of different dinosaurs and keep them in their homes. Whether you use them for combat, gathering, or just because you want a unicorn in the base, there’s no doubt that Ark’s Dinos are the star of the show.

Taming dinosaurs used to be as simple as knocking out the dinosaur and slipping some food into its inventory. Today it is similar; however, veteran PvP players and PvE players obsessed with perfection know that Kibble is a survivor’s best friend. While using mutton or berries can be helpful in a pinch, many of these resources are often required to complete a tame. Kibble allows players to quickly and perfectly tame the dinosaur, meaning the stats it comes out with will be top notch.

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kibble types

There are six different types of kibble, and the dinosaur you tame will determine the amount of kibble you need. Of course, using the top level of Kibble is the easiest, but since it’s the most expensive in the early stages of the game, it’s not always the easiest option. To make Kibble you will need either a cooking potor a Industrial cooking pot. These are the types of kibble and the resources you need to craft them:

kibble resources
staple food Extra Small Egg (Dilo Egg, Dodo Egg), 5x Mejoberry, 10x Amarberry. 10x Tintoberry, 1x cooked meat, 5x dietary fiber and water.
Simple kibble Small Egg (Raptor Egg, Trike Egg), 5x Mejoberry, 2x Rockarrot, 1x Cooked Fish Meat.
Normal kibble Medium Egg (Ankylo Egg, Carno Egg, Stego Egg), 2x Longrass, 2x Savoroot, 1x Cooked Meat Jerky, 5x Fiber and Water.
Superior Kibble Large Egg (Argentavis Egg, Spino Egg) 2x Citronal, 2x Rare Mushroom. 1x Prime Meat Jerky, 1x juice, 5x fiber and water.
Exceptional snacks Extra Large Egg (Rex Egg, Giga Egg), 10x Mejoberry, 1x Rare Flower, 1x Focal Chili, 5x Fiber and Water.
Exceptional kibble Special Egg (Crystal Wyvern Egg, Yutyrannus Egg, Maewing Egg) 10x Mejoberry, 1x Giant Bee Honey, 1x Lazarus Soup, 5x Fiber and Water. How to make kibble in Ark: Survival Evolved

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