How to get the Anguished Isle Island Token in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, there are 95 island tokens to collect in-game. These island tokens can be collected and then converted into an NPC on Opher, the deserted island. Collecting all 95 island tokens will reward you with a variety of different rewards including stat potions, skill point potions, mounts, etc.

The Slime Island token is obtainable via an RNG method. To get this token you need to complete a small questline to unlock a dungeon on the map. After completing the dungeon, you have a chance to get the Tormented Island Island Token.

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First you need to complete the following quests. There is a main quest chain that you can find on the island:

  • To the tormented island
  • Support for the island’s militia
  • Unusual chaos
  • The kidnapped people
  • The Mystery of the Tormented Island

After completing these quests, you will get a new repeatable quest on the tormented island that you can do every day. This quest is called May They Find Peace and it asks you to defeat various enemies around the island.

The quest drops Crimson Skein, an exclusive currency that you can spend on a merchant near the dungeon. The quest also drops a Garden of Despair key, which gives you access to a dungeon located at the back of the map.

Here is the location of the dungeon, which is also the location of the special island trader:

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Once you enter the dungeon, you will end up having to defeat the final boss. Defeating the final boss will grant you Crimson Strang and a chance to earn the Anguished Isle Island Token.

Here’s everything you can buy with Crimson Skein:

Overpower Rune 3,600 Crimson balls
T2 Gem Chest 40 crimson balls
T3 Gem Chest 200 crimson balls
Recipe Chest for Unusual Engravings 30 crimson balls
Rare Engraving Recipe Chest 80 crimson balls
Epic Engraving Recipe Chest 200 crimson balls
Legendary Engraving Recipe Chest 600 crimson balls
Life Leap Stone Chest 10 crimson balls
Honor Leaping Stone Chest 20 crimson balls
hollow fruit 600 crimson balls

Note: Defeating the final boss also gives you a chance to get a rare collectible called the Omnium Star. Therefore, even if you have obtained the Island Token, it is recommended to continue the daily quest here until you also obtain the Omnium Star and the Overpower skill rune, if your character would benefit from it. How to get the Anguished Isle Island Token in Lost Ark

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