How to get free wishes in Genshin impact: Guide, Tips for Primogens

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According to a Japanese Studies, only 2-5% players spend money in gacha games like The Genshin effect. This means that the vast majority of players are using free gacha reels from various in-game activities. With a little persistence, you can improve your odds and save a fair amount of desirability (HOLDscroll) for use on limited time character banners of your choice. Not all of these methods crush mobs.

The banner is the in-game storefront where you can exchange your currency for random reels of characters. There are two types of banners: limited and standard. To “make a wish” on a banner, the Genshin player must spend an item called Fate. The most common way to get them is to exchange 160 primogems (Genshinfree in-game currency) through the in-game store. Most players will automatically switch “primoge” when they want on the banner, but you can also switch them by going to the “Shop” menu, clicking the “Paimon’s Bargains” tab, and switching to “Purchase With Primogems” . Primos can be exchanged for Fate of Acquaintance or Fate of Fusion, both costing the same. So remember: it costs 160 prios to make one wish, or 1,600 primos for ten reels.

Caveat: blue Acquaint Fates can only be used on a permanent standard banner. If you want a limited-time character (those heavily advertised during events), then you have to trade for the pink-blue Intertwined Fate. They cost about the same, but the pink-blue variety is much harder to find.

Some methods to get free primogem include grinding, but not all of them. Here are some popular ways to earn primogems, a currency that can be converted into Fates.

Daily and permanent quests

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The easiest and most consistent way to earn primogems is to complete up to four “Daily Commissions” quests per day. You can get 10 primogems per quest and then a total of 20 primogems when you transfer your completed quests to the “Adventurers Guild” in any city. That adds up to about 11 Fates per month.

You can also get different amounts of primogem for:

Event minigame

Almost every major event has some minigame with free primogems attached to it, including the current Lantern Rite Festival. While you can get different rewards depending on your score, the developers changed the events a while back so you don’t have to be a skilled minigamer to earn be some primogems. Some minigames are combat-oriented, while others are more puzzle-based. The amount of Destiny that can be obtained varies depending on the number and type of minigames.

Treasure Chest

You are rewarded with around 3-40 primogems by opening chests in the open world. Some of these chests are hidden in hard-to-find corners, while the chests are surrounded by a red ring that requires you to defeat surrounding enemies to open them. Some chests only appear if you solve a puzzle nearby. If something seems a bit out of the ordinary, try attacking it and see if it spawns a treasure chest!

Sacred Sakura

Screenshot of the Sacred Sakura menu in Genshin Impact.

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Once you reach the Inazuma region, the Electron Marks you get from opening the chest can be exchanged for a reward at the Sacred Sakura tree, which also includes a fate number. You can earn up to 20 Familiar Fates and 10 Interwoven Fates by completing Sacred Sakura. 1,250 Electro Sigils are required to get all the Fates for free.


Completing combat challenges or completing quests can sometimes give you an achievement. You can get 5-20 primogems for each achievement.

Spiral Abyss

Spiral Abyss is Genshin’s late game challenge mode and it awards prizes if you can kill all enemies within a certain amount of time. The rewards for floors 1-8 can only be obtained once. The rewards for tiers 9-12 reset on the 1st and 16th of every month. This challenge mode is a tough test of DPS and casual players will struggle to get through all 12 floors. Be prepared with a strategy and a well-built team for each floor. You can get a total of 15 Fates for clearing fixed floors and 7.5 Fates per month by clearing levels 9-12.

Official live streams

Every time the developers announce major game updates on their official Twitch or YouTube live stream, they give viewers free primogem code. To redeem them, go to “Settings”, then “Account” and “Redeem Code”. These codes are valid for one day, so be sure to activate them as soon as possible.

Exchange Stardust

Whenever you want on a banner, you get a small amount of Stardust or Starglitter currency. Up to five Acquaintance Fates and five Combined Fates can be purchased each month from the Starglitter store. There is no limit to the number of Fates you can buy from the Stardust store, but I recommend spending it carefully. Despite the similar names, Stardust is harder to find than Starglitter.

Frozen tree

There is a white tree near the entrance of Dragonspine, which is winter near Mondstadt. The tree will reward you with items like Destiny whenever you have enough Red Onyx (which you can find around Dragonspine). After you reach Level 8, you can do weekly quests to earn Onyx. You can get up to four Familiar Fates and two Alternate Fates from the tree.

Login event

Log events are extremely rare, usually around twice a year. There is always one of these Lantern Festivals (Lunar New Year), but they are unpredictable. Luckily, all you need to do is click on your daily login bonus in the “Events” menu for seven non-consecutive days. A total of 10 Alternate Fates can be obtained per login event.

Battle Pass

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The Battle Pass is a metric that keeps track of how many missions you’ve completed each season. A season is about five weeks. You can get up to five Acquaintance Rates per season if you don’t pay BP.

Character level up

You can get up to three Familiarity Points to level up for each character you have. An Acquaint Fate is awarded at levels 20, 50, and 70.

Aside from the big seasonal events, there’s no quick and easy way to get tons of free wishes. But if you log in regularly and take on the challenges, you can build up a respectable inventory of Fates by the time your favorite character returns. Remember: play The Genshin effect Not a sprint but a light jog. That also applies to getting the rarest characters. How to get free wishes in Genshin impact: Guide, Tips for Primogens

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