How to get Ashes of War: Gravitas in Elden Ring

To get Ashes of War: Gravitas in Elden Ring you must kill and loot the Slender Wayfarer patrolling the beach at Seaside Ruins in southern Limgrave West. But before you can kill him, you must first get to the beach safely. These cliffs are high and just falling straight down to the beach will definitely kill you.

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Start at the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace and head northwest along the cliff top until you approach a colony of giant bats, but try not to get so close that the giant bats attack you. Summon torrent, then stand by the erleaf flower at the edge of the cliff and face east and down. There’s a little ledge down there. Jump off the cliff, then jump in the air again to land on this ledge. Even if you miss the edge, you should only take minor fall damage. Now jump to another ledge to the north and then slide down the cliff to the beach.

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A short distance south you’ll see the Slender Wayfarer patrolling back and forth through an archway with a small campfire inside. Launch any ranged attacks you have on him before he knows you’re there. His gimmick are magic attacks that pull you close to him, but his sword glows with purple energy when he’s about to cast one, making them easy to dodge (although if you’re strong and fast in melee combat, they will not doing it will hurt you a lot anyway). His most dangerous attack is the one where he impales you – it’s hard to spot, and it deals heavy damage. So just hold up your health and if he catches you with it, run away and heal before attacking again. We found guard counter being very effective against him, but as always it will depend heavily on your playstyle and character structure.

Gamepur screenshot How to get Ashes of War: Gravitas in Elden Ring

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