How to get an Empyrean house in FFXIV

Getting a house has always been a horrible experience FFXIV, but with the addition of the new housing area Empyreum in Ishgard, the developers added some changes to the housing system. Our FF14 The housing guide explains how to register for housing lotteries and hopefully get a house in the new area.

Update (May 16): We’ve updated this guide with new information after the housing issues were resolved.

What’s different about FFXIV cases?

Prior to patch 6.1, all new housing areas were allocated on a first come, first served basis. With all previously occupied lots, new homebuyers had to sit and wait for an invisible timer to expire before they could actually buy the lot. This means you would have to sit on a lot for a random amount of time (which can be over 20 hours with bad luck) while clicking on a poster to try to buy the house.

According to Square Enix “With the release of patch 6.1, all plots available for purchase will be subject to the lottery system.” In the future, some stations may still use the (old) first-come, first-served system, but for now, everything will be done by lottery.

How does the lottery system work?

Each character can choose a house to enter the lottery for. The houses will accept lottery entries for five days. A winner will then be selected and the winner will have four days to claim the lot. If it is not claimed, a new lottery will begin for that lot.

To enter the lottery, click on the poster in front of the empty lot you wish to register for. You have to pay the full price for the residential lot upfront, but it will be refunded to you if you don’t get the land. You must view the same poster again to receive your refund.

If you win the lottery but don’t claim the lot after winning, you will lose 50% of the gil deposited.

How do I get a house for myself?

Go to the Empyrean Housing District in Ishgard with the amount of gil that costs your desired house size. (Small cost 3-4 million gil, medium 16-20 million and large 40-50 million.) Click on the poster of the lot you want, deposit the gil and pray for the best.

To qualify for a home you will need the following:

  • At least one class must be level 50 or higher
  • Grand Company Rank Second Lieutenant or higher

How do I get a house for my Free Company?

To get a house for a free society it’s pretty much the same. Click on the poster on the desired ticket to register for the lottery. Note that you can only participate in one housing lottery at a time. So once you have enrolled in a Personal House, you cannot enroll in a Free Company House again.

Any member of a Free Company can register for the lottery as long as they meet the requirements. This means that your FC can have multiple entries on one lot if your fellow FCs are all applying for the same lot.

To qualify for the Free Society Housing Lottery you will need the following:

  • Your Free Company must be at least rank 6.
  • Your FC must have at least 4 members.
  • You need permission within your FC to buy land.
  • You must be at FC for at least 30 days.

What about living outside of Ishgard?

Many players who have homes in other areas will likely enter the Empyrean Housing Lotteries to get better spots or bigger houses, meaning many housing lots in the other areas will become vacant after the end of the first lottery period.

Square Enix confirmed this to us via email everything Parcels will use the lottery system in patch 6.1 pending further announcements, even if opened by relocation.

However, after the first nine-day lottery period has expired, a new one begins.

The next lottery starts on May 26th and continues the nine-day cycle with another lottery scheduled to start on June 4th.

What big problem happened during the first lottery?

A lot of houses were able to use the lottery system successfully, which resulted in purchased lots. However, some of them also said that the winning number for the lottery was 0, a number that was not assigned to anyone. This means that a number of plots failed and nobody could win them, even if they were the only player who had a lottery entry on that plot.

According to Square Enix, the lottery worked as intended, but the results weren’t displayed correctly. The servers still had the lottery data, and Square Enix again drew numbers from the first set of lottery pools after a period of maintenance. How to get an Empyrean house in FFXIV

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