How to get all Tales of Tribute decks in Elder Scrolls Online

With the release of High Isle comes a new mini-game for Elder Scrolls Online players – Tales of Tribute, a resource management card game. Getting started with this card game may seem daunting, but after a few tutorial and practice games you should quickly get the hang of it. However, you will find that the starter decks only represent half of the options available to you. If you’re curious about how to unlock all Tales of Tribute decks in Elder Scrolls Online, look no further.

The first four decks you unlock are obtained for free by completing the Tales of Tribute tutorials found at Gonfalon arcade in Gonfalon Bay. However, there are four additional decks to unlock. Below is a list of the four Tales of Tributes “bonus” decks and how to unlock them:

Ansey Frandar Hunding

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  • To unlock this deck, you must find and collect five “fragments” of the deck through various High Isle and Amenos activities:
    • Delver’s fragment: Complete Delves for a chance to find it on a boss or Delve monsters.
    • Fragment of the diplomat: Complete the main story quest “A Chance for Peace” on High Isle.
    • Geomancer Fragment: Complete Volcanic Vents to find it in the Volcanic Loot Chest.
    • Hero Fragment: Kill public dungeon bosses for a chance to find it from their corpses.
    • Hunter’s Fragment: Kill world bosses for a chance to find it from their corpses.

Rajhin, the purring liar

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  • To unlock this deck, you must complete the Flower of Chivalry achievement, which in turn requires you to complete quests and activities on the High Isle:
    • Complete the quest “Tournament of the Heart”.
    • Complete the “Race for Honor” quest
    • Complete the quest “The Curse of All Flags”.
    • Complete the quest “An Experiment in Peace”.
    • Complete the quest “Blood, Books and Steel”.
    • Complete the “In Secret and in the Shadows” quest
    • Defeat the Sable Knight World Boss
    • Defeat the Ascendant Executioner and Ascendant Harrower World Boss
    • Complete the quest “One Last Peace”, a daily quest from Daily Job Broker Wayllod (Gonfalon Bay).

Red eagle, king of the expanse

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  • This deck doesn’t require running around, but you do need to reach rank 8 in Tales of Tribute and complete all NPC quests in the Gonfalon Gaming Hall. This means the following quests must be completed: A New Enterprise, The Tournament Begins, Challenges of the Past, and The Final Round.

Sorcerer King Orgnum

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  • After completing the Tales of Tribute storyline and achieving the rank of Master, you must defeat the five Tales of Tribute creators scattered throughout Tamriel to unlock this final deck:
    • Filia: located in Graftwood at Sweetbreeze Hut
    • Linyia: located in crag at Shada’s tear (in front of the dungeon.)
    • Murzaga: located in Rivenspire at Raven Watch Castle (Requires starting the quest “Shornhelm: Divided” near the castle.)
    • Nhorhim: located in east march south of the conspicuous location of the hermit’s hideout.
    • Author: located in coldharbour in which hollow city (via the bridge south of the wayshrine) How to get all Tales of Tribute decks in Elder Scrolls Online

Curtis Crabtree

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