How to get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe

Kubrow is one of the many pets that players can recruit to aid them in Warframe. These alien dogs are Tenno’s best friends, and they will stay by your side, providing numerous gameplay advantages. You’ll assist in missions, spot enemies and loot on the radar, and improve your ability to find rare upgrades. You can’t just walk around with every Kubrow you see, you need a collar for them first. This guide explains how to get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe.

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Where to find a Kubro Collar in Warframe?

To earn the Kubrow Collar, you must go to the Codex, which is located on your Orbiter ship. You must complete a short story quest to get this key item. You must select the said cinematic quest Howl of the Kubrow. This quest is straightforward and grants you access to a furry companion of your very own.

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This quest consists of four steps. This is a low level quest, but we recommend bringing a Warframe and weapons in the 15-20 range to ensure success. These are the five quest steps and associated missions.

  1. Go to the Unda node on Venus and complete a five-minute survival mission to purchase an incubator segment.
  2. Travel to Earth Prime on Earth and destroy Kubrow Nests to earn a Kubrow Egg.
  3. Purchase an Incubator Power Core from the Market or complete the Earth-Mars Junction.
  4. Incubate and grow the Kubrow aboard your Orbiter ship.
  5. Venture to the Gaia Node on Earth and defend your Kubrow against five waves of Grineer enemies.

During the final mission, we recommend you bring a Warframe that has powerful healing abilities or defensive powers. Frames like Trinity, Frost, and Citrine are characters we recommend for this quest.

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When the quest is completed, players will receive a Kubrow collar called Taichen. This cosmetic item will then be applied to all Kubrows you incubate from that point forward. Make sure to outfit your Kubrow with a great set of mods to turn it into a fearsome companion. How to get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe

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