How to find and defeat the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy features complex and multi-faceted bosses that offer ultimate challenges to adventurers looking to clear a dungeon. One of these dungeon bosses, the Minotaur, can be encountered relatively early in your journey through Asperia, where it serves as a definitive test of your combat and dodging skills.

Where can I find the Minotaur?

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Aside from potentially spawning as the final boss of a Void Rift, the Minotaur claims Ruin B-02 as its personal lair. This dungeon is located in Banges, the lush, forested region in the southwest of the central continent of Asperia. You should find it easy if you explore the beaches west of Banges Dock.

The ruin itself is a maze of enemies and physics-based puzzles, and to reach the Minotaur you must complete each of these challenges to the end of the dungeon. If you are struggling with any of the obstacles leading to the Minotaur, here are their solutions.

How to defeat the Minotaur

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While he wields an axe offensively, the Minotaur’s greatest strength as an opponent is the shield attached to his left arm. Not only can this piece of armor minimize your offensive abilities against the Minotaur, but the shield also plays a big part in his main special attack. Hitting it with a weapon that has a high shatter value – preferably an S tier – is highly recommended.

The most important element in the fight against the Minotaur is its leaping shield slam attack. At any point during the encounter – including between other attacks and combos – he will leap into the air and lunge at you, slamming to the ground. This attack can effectively halve your health bar if you can’t dodge out of range in time.

The Minotaur’s ax itself, while slow-swinging and particularly easy to dodge, has enough range to keep you at a distance. To keep you on your toes, this weapon’s attack cycles can range from broad, horizontal slashes that can reach behind the Minotaur’s back, to an attacking slash signaled only by a preceding golden glow. As a rule of thumb, try to stay out of the Minotaur’s direct range and instead counter his attacks with perfect dodges.

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When less than a quarter of his maximum health remains, those telegraphed slashes give way to an aggressive six-slash combo instead. The sequence is broken up into three attacks, each with two hits, with some of these attacks dealing AoE damage. Since this makes dodging almost impossible, we recommend just staying away and keeping your distance until the combo is over. How to find and defeat the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy

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