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Many roles found in WW2 are present in the MMO Foxhole, including the classic Partisan. Partisans are infiltrators, or guerrilla operators, who sneak into an enemy’s rear line to stop resupply attempts, disrupt logistics, and ultimately wreak havoc to cripple the opposing faction. However, an effective partisan doesn’t recklessly rush into the back ranks: it takes creativity, patience, and the ability to consistently win 1v1 battles.

Partisan workload in Foxhole

To play Partisan, players should find the weapon that gives them the most consistent ability to win duels. Additionally, a specific loadout is ideal for a Partisan to wreak havoc on the opposing faction’s backline. A properly equipped Partisan has:

  • At least 4 magazines for the primary weapon
    • It’s necessary to eliminate the occasional logi worker, but you’re not packing for the next world war: the more items in your inventory, the slower you move.
  • 2 associations
    • Ideally, your chosen vehicle will have a first aid kit to tend to wounds, but at the very least, dying of blood loss deep in enemy territory is both frustrating and avoidable.
  • binoculars
    • Binoculars allow players to see farther, which is helpful when scouting enemy terrain and fortifications.
  • 2 smoke grenades
    • Smoke grenades can wreak havoc simply by reducing the enemy’s line of sight, and when used correctly, allow partisans, defenses, and QRF squads to evade.
  • At least 5 satchel loads
    • Keep this on your vehicle, but satchels are a necessity for partisan work. They allow partisans to destroy enemy structures. The only building that takes five knapsacks to demolish is the Tier 3 Town Hall, but it’s devastating to enemy morale.

Fill a partisan squad in Foxhole

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While the idea of ​​the partisans grew out of guerrilla tactics by loosely associated personnel, not much is done when you’re trying to lead a partisan run deep into enemy territory. For proper partisan work, you’ll want other players to cover fire, medical support, intelligence reports, and possibly even fortifications. Veteran partisans can be effective even in a squad of three, but try to cover the following areas when building your squad:

  • 2 shooters
  • 1 medic (with a combat medic outfit)
  • 1 anti-tank soldier
  • 1 Heavy Weapons Specialist (Heavy/Light Machine Gun)

Sending reports in chat from your foxhole factions about which supply runs you are disrupting, weakening a front for attack, can turn the entire war in your factions’ favor. An anti-armor role can be filled by any player swapping out gear on the vehicle, but having a dedicated player ready to respond to armor can save the entire squad. The heavy weapons specialist can reduce an entire garrison to rubble if taken by surprise: H/LMGs can inflict the highest damage of any firearm and fire the projectiles at high speeds.

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Vehicle selection for partisan operations in Foxhole

While there have been heated discussions about the ideal vehicle for partisan operations for years, there are ultimately two options.

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Light commercial vehicle

Among the faster vehicles in the game, LUVs work well both on and off-road. They’re fast enough to break through most checkpoints before the AI ​​defenses can even open fire. Nine slots are available for satchels, gas cans, and additional supplies as the partisan squad sees fit. The downside is that the LUV is also classified as a watchtower, meaning everyone in your faction can see it. This can become an issue if your faction has alternate account players providing information to their faction on their secondary monitor.

Enemy Vehicles

If you bring a wrench, you can unlock locked enemy vehicles. This has a unique advantage as the opposing faction will not immediately realize that you have impounded one of their vehicles. Trucks are the ideal vehicle for this – eliminate a driver who has his truck filled with supplies and bring him to your base to earn credits and boost the strength of your factions. How to effectively play a partisan in Foxhole – partisan leader

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