How To Drink Hydralyte: Pharmacist Reveal About Popular Hangover And Dehydration Pills That Baffle You

Australians are just now realizing that they have been misusing Hydralyte all their lives.

pharmacist Jamil Karakifrom Sydney, left the internet stunned when he listed the top three mistakes people make when drinking the electrolyte tablet with water.

Anyone feeling sick, dehydrated, or hungover may have simply dropped a pill into a full glass or bottle of water.

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However, the health expert revealed that you actually need to dissolve one tablet per 100ml of water.

“A lot of people actually don’t know how to use Hydralyte properly,” Karaki said.

“Each tablet from this tube must be dissolved in 100 ml of water.

“So if you go to the store and buy a 600ml bottle of water and decide to put some Hydralyte in it to make you feel better, you need six of those tablets to get the concentration right or it won’t work. “I’m not going to hydrate you properly.”

Pharmacist Jamil Karaki left the internet stunned when he realized the common mistakes people make when taking Hydralyte. Credit: @megamindpharmacist

The second mistake people make is mulling over the solution.

According to the instructions, the electrolyte drink should be “slurped slowly” and not swallowed quickly.

“Sipping, not skulling,” Karaki said.

The reason for this is that you need to give your body a chance to absorb the fluids it needs to recover.

Finally, the solution must be consumed within two hours.

“Once you’ve prepared the Hydralyte solution, you have two hours to drink it — unless you keep it refrigerated,” he said.

For reference, he showed viewers what 100ml of water looked like. Credit: @megamindpharmacist

The revelation came after Australian Courtney Paige recently found out she had been using Hydralyte incorrectly for 27 years.

“I was years old today when I found out I was using those Hydralyte tablets incorrectly,” she said.

“How many hangovers have I gone through if I decide to put one in a cup, or if I’m feeling hot maybe two?”

Paige revealed that whenever she felt unwell, she would use a 1-liter bottle to just toss in a pill or two.

When she read the instructions for use, she realized that she needed to take 12 to 20 tablets in the first six hours to stay hydrated.

“There are only 20 pills in this pack,” Paige said in disbelief.

“I have to use this pack within the first six hours – and the maximum per day is 40 tablets.”

Courtney Paige realized she was using Hydralyte incorrectly because she only put 1-2 pills in her 1 liter bottle of water. Credit: Courtney Paige

Australians were shocked by the revelation – many admitted they had no idea they needed to dissolve one tablet in 100ml of water.

“Oh I didn’t read the directions and just put one pill in a 500ml bottle when I’m exercising in the blazing sun and I’m so dehydrated,” said one.

Another shared, “Apparently I’ve been drinking it wrong for years.”

One revealed: “Yes the pills have definitely been misused in the past.”

Another suggested, “So that’s why it didn’t cure my hangover.”

One added: “You just changed all my future hangovers! Thank you very much.”

While another said: “I just never read the packet? One to two seemed reasonable to me!”

The directions on a tube of Hydralyte are clear.

“Take two pills out of the tube and seal tightly. Dissolve in 200 ml of fresh, cold drinking water. For babies under six months, use freshly boiled and chilled water.”

“Sip slowly and frequently while symptoms persist.

“Dispose of any unused solution after two hours or 24 hours if stored in the refrigerator.

“Do not mix Hydralyte with liquor, fruit juice, soft drinks or sports drinks.

“Always dissolve in water. Never put the tablet directly in your mouth.”

For adults, the maximum daily dose is 40 tablets, while the maximum dose for children is lower.

Always read the label before use.

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