How to defeat Zhuyan in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is filled with fast-paced and difficult combat that will leave anyone dazed, and the bosses are particularly difficult. After defeating the first boss, you will find yourself in a new area full of barren ground. At the end, a powerful monkey-like enemy is waiting for you. This great primate is Zhuyan and he can easily beat you to a pulp. This guide will show you how to defeat Zhuyan in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Zhuyan boss guide in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhuyan has some pretty powerful moves to watch out for throughout the fight. The first two moves to contend with are slam and swipe attacks. Beginning with the slam, Zhuyan raises his arms in the air and slams them hard on the ground, creating a shock wave upon impact. Stand too close and you’ll get beat up. These attacks are easy to block and he usually hits three or four times with them. After the rush, you can land a few hits, but don’t get greedy.

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Along with the slam attacks, Zhuyan sometimes throws his arms horizontally for a few slam attacks. Like the slams, these usually come in sets of three or four and are easy to block. Get a few hits and then get back on the defensive to avoid being punished for being greedy with your attacks. Outside of standard attacks, Zhuyan has a shout that he performs. You can take damage if you get caught in it, but it doesn’t hit very hard.

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Zhuyan also has two different unblockable attacks that you need to fend off. Like other moves in the game, these are indicated by the red dot appearing on Zhuyan. The first of these moves happens when Zhuyan jumps back and kicks his feet backwards. This indicates that he will lunge forward to attack. Deflect when he launches himself to leave him open to attack.

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Zhuyan’s other unblockable attack happens when he launches himself into the air to perform a powerful slam attack. This attack happens very quickly and often comes during his standard slam attack. Continue to watch Zhuyan’s movements, deflect when necessary, and remember not to be too greedy with your attacks. Zhuyan only has one phase, making him a bit easier to deal with than the game’s first boss. How to defeat Zhuyan in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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