How to defeat the Golem in Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn has several bosses that are thrown at the player and the Golem is one of them. As an alternate boss for completing the second phase, many recent Gunfire Reborn players have seen an untimely death for this construct thanks to its gargantuan size and wide-ranging attacks.

Thankfully, there are a ton of tricks you can use against the Golem to not only mitigate its attacks, but also farm it for long-lasting buffs depending on the level-up chances gained. Trivializing the Golem is a breeze once you know what you’re looking at.

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The Golem Arena

The golem arena occupies the same space as the Lu Wu fight, a rectangular arena where the other side has been destroyed to make room for the boss. Players will find that rocky pillars or stalagmites take up much of the ground between the entrance and the boss. These obstacles are actually a threat to life with this boss and should not normally be used as cover.

The golem’s weak point

The golem’s critical point is twofold: its eyes, which are an easy target during its laser attack, and its chest, which should always be a priority between its attacks. Faster players using light, fast-firing weapons like the Angelic Aura or Argus are best positioned near the golem itself to take advantage of the chest’s large crit hitbox.

Fire is an ideal element for this enemy since the golem carries no shield or armor. If possible, don’t fire unless you’re attacking a critical zone: the Golem has a flat percentage damage reduction thanks to its rocky exterior. It is possible to run out of ammo in this fight, resulting in players having to use the default weapon.

The golem laser attack

The first attack the Golem sends out at players after a short introductory animation is a green laser attack. This attack cannot be overrun: it locks onto the player’s position, plays an audio signal with a brief charge, and then fires the laser at players. Hiding behind the rock pillars seems like an ideal position, but not only does it prolong the fight, but the pillars can also rupture and the player will take massive damage.

Gamepur screenshot

The tell for this attack is to have the golem lean towards the arena and hold both hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart. During this attack, both his chest and head are open to attack, although it’s worth bearing in mind that some weapons slow Heroes when fired.

Either move straight left or right and hop before the laser fires. A jump in Gunfire Reborn lasts just over half a second to give players a large window to dodge the attack. If the hero’s movement speed has dropped below five (due to curses, scrolls, or levels up), this method is still possible, but the movement window to dodge effectively becomes smaller – use a jump with the jump to ensure damage is avoided . If your hero speed is high enough to easily dodge this attack, save the dodge for the meteor shower.

The purpose of this strategy is immediately obvious: it allows players to keep attacking the Golem during one of its longest running attack animations. This strategy can be valid at close range of the golem (for cleaves, tidal punches and the like), although the timing required is almost frame-perfect and is not recommended.

The Golem Stone Throw

This can be a frustrating attack, but it also brings about the ability to endlessly farm the Golem for combat buffs based on Ascendancy. The golem leans back and stretches its arms up, summons several rocks to appear over its head, and then begins flying toward players in the arena.

Gamepur screenshot

The command for this attack is obvious: if the golem reaches up, move backwards. It’s either a stone’s throw or an arm slap, and either way, players will want to step into the middle of the arena. After reaching up, the golem bends its arms down to either side and summons the rocks. During this attack, his chest is open to critical attacks, but players should focus on the summoned rocks instead.

These rocks count as single enemies for Gunfire Reborn, and the attacks are endless if the golem isn’t killed. So if a player has a buff per enemy killed, such as B. Qing Yan’s Easy Kill Cleave Ascendancy, these rocks can be farmed endlessly for astronomically stacked damage. This strategy works best when a range increase can be coupled with the buff per enemy killed to ensure the rocks are eliminated before impact as their damage is quite high in later difficulties.

With a high enough movement speed and some dash upgrades for good measure, the meteors can be most of time be avoided by moving from back to front after beginning their descent. In this case, patience is rewarded: if you see rocks, all players should move damage from the golem to the rocks unless someone is actively farming the damage proc. The pillars can only block some of the rocks before breaking, which can leave players vulnerable.

The Golem Arm Slap

The second possible attack when the Golem stretches upwards, this arm slam can deal massive damage to anyone who played the encounter at close range. As mentioned in the Stone Toss segment, if you’ve played this encounter nearby, sprint toward the center of the arena.

Gamepur screenshot

The tell for this attack is similar to throwing a stone, but the golem keeps its arms together instead of separating them. The chest is vulnerable during the first part of the attack, and his eyes are ideal targets once the arms close in front of his chest.

Once the weapons come down, all pillars in the entire arena will explode with a low AoE, high damage attack. Stay away from the pillars and watch the ground in front of you to prepare for the follow-up attack. You can still damage the Golem during this attack and its follow-up attacks, but be aware that the biggest threat of destroying the pillars comes from the arena floor.

Summon the Golem Pillar

Gamepur screenshot

After each arm slam attack, the golem will summon new pillars. A red circle can be seen briefly on the ground before the pillar is created – if you are inside a circle your only hope is to charge unless you have a hero with high movement speed. It’s a fast attack, so heroes have to move just as fast.

The Golem Rocket Strike

Once the golem reaches low health, this is the only attack added to its followers. Rocket Punch throws both fists at a single targeted player, with a massive AoE covering both sides. The damage when hit is colossal in later difficulties.

Gamepur screenshot

The sign of this attack is that the golem is around 50% health or less and stretches both arms out towards the arena. When playing forward, the chest is the best critical zone to aim for. If you’re playing behind, try to hit the chest unless an arm is covering it, then attack the head.

Dodging when you’re targeted is relatively easy: dash either forward or backward. If you charge left or right, you’ll get a fist hit thanks to its wide side AoE. Dashing forward allows players to keep attacking the golem without stopping, and the reset for the rocket punch (before the golem can make the next attack) is quite long at nearly four seconds. How to defeat the Golem in Gunfire Reborn

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