How to defeat the dragon zombie in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy

One of the tougher bosses in Stranger of Paradise, the Zombie Dragon is an encounter that really emphasizes the “wait your turn” part of Souls-like games. Able to spit pools of poison that cover the arena in addition to heavy attacks, this boss can frustrate many players. If you’re having trouble getting this boss into the bone zone, look no further: How to defeat the zombie dragon in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy.

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The dragon zombie has a weakness that is crucial to use – holy attacks. If you’ve unlocked White Mage or Sage, Dia spells can clear the poisonous sludge the boss scatters on the battlefield, while Holy attacks like Divine Strike or Prominence deal additional damage. However, you still need to pay attention to the type of attacks the boss is using – here’s a list of them:

  • Basic Attacks: In addition to the normal combination of two to three hits, Dragon Zombie occasionally lashes out with its tail when detecting targets behind or beside it. His attacks are very slow and have long recovery animations, so it’s recommended to attack after the combo. Watch out for his spin attack though – this one can knock you over and has deceptively good range if you’re a caster.
  • Toxic Breath: The dragon zombie spits out a line of poisonous breath in an arc. This attack can be parried, otherwise it will result in instant poisoning.
  • spiked tail: The Zombie Dragon flaps its tail behind itself twice. This attack cannot be parried and must be avoided.
  • Deadly Stomp: The dragon zombie briefly rises into the air before striking a target area. This attack cannot be parried and must be avoided. This attack is your best opportunity to hit his head – doing this often enough will stop the poison attacks.
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There aren’t many mechanics to learn in Phase 1, but the main issue will be how to deal with the poisonous puddles that periodically appear around the boss. You can choose to ignore poison damage through self-healing (blood weapon is a good choice for melee players, and if you’re a paladin you can use Holy Fang) or you can purify yourself via the Chakra command ability. Attempting self-healing via potions alone is not recommended, as the boss hits hard enough to take huge chunks of life with each attack. Phase 2 increases the pace with the following moves:

  • Basic Attacks: The basic attacks are mostly the same, but the spin attack is much faster and deals more damage – destroying the dragon zombie’s wings will prevent this attack.
  • rot roar: Dragon Zombie emits a shockwave around itself that cannot be parried – but the range is short, so stepping back or dodging can prevent damage.
  • icefall: The boss wants to mop the floor in front of it and summon frozen rocks to throw. This attack can be parried and, as an instant order, can also be stolen.
  • Toxic Breath: Returns from phase 1, but moves in a straight line instead of an arc.
  • tunnel: Dragon zombie will tunnel underground before appearing under Jack. This attack will stagger you, so your best bet is to dodge or sprint away to avoid it entirely.

Phase 2 introduces some interesting problems, but also a unique solution. Not only are the arms and wings targeted, but the dragon zombie takes additional stagger damage when it hits these weak spots. There are so many of them that big AoE attacks like Cyclone Rush or Firaga will hit these weak spots simultaneously, allowing you to effectively stagger the boss for a good chunk of the fight. Be careful with the tunnel attack though, as it comes out pretty quickly. You’ll soon bury this villain and be on your way. How to defeat the dragon zombie in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy

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