How to defeat Lich in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

As one of the four fiends Jack and the group must contend with, Lich commands the domain of death. When living beings die, they are reabsorbed into clay and earth, giving Lich sovereignty over the earth element as well. Lich, like the phantoms you’ve battled before, has the ability to appear and disappear at will, while also retaining some tricky new powers. How to defeat Lich in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

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Lich moves slowly and behaves more like a caster compared to Marilith or Tiamat. This provides good opportunities to get in close and deal heavy damage, but remember that Lich’s spells must be respected – some of them can not only deal heavy damage, but status effects as well. Here is a list of Lich’s attacks in phase 1:

  • ice dust: Lich summons many ice spears and hurls them at a target. This attack can be parried, but remember that there are multiple shards, so multiple parries are required. Evasion is easier to dodge this attack.
  • evaluation: Lich summons a pool of electricity under a target. This pool doesn’t activate immediately, but when it activates, it leaves a circuit in its wake for a few seconds. This attack can build up Stun very quickly, but it can be parried.
  • reputation of the underworld: Lich summons multiple Skeleton enemies. These can be soul exploded like any other enemy in the game, but they must be dealt with immediately, as Lich gains a regeneration effect for each skeleton on the field.
  • teleport: Light will fade and appear elsewhere. Beware of a late appearance – he can immediately start casting spells.
  • earthquake: Lich summons Quake circles among all party members. This attack can be parried, but should be dodged instead – the tremors come in groups of three.
  • Bindga: Lich will attempt to inflict Bind on a target. This attack cannot be parried and must be dodged.
  • cross wipe: Lich jumps backwards while flapping his wings. This attack can be parried.
  • Gaia’s Wrath: Lich summons a circle of Quake around himself to capture a target and follows it with another spell. The tremors can be parried.
  • flicker: At around 65%, Lich starts casting Flare on a random target. Beacon can be parried and can also be stolen as an instant action. This is important as it can easily deal with the random skeletons summoned by Call of the Underworld.
  • bone nail: Lich fires bone spikes from his hand at a target. This attack can be parried.
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Lich’s game plan involves teleporting around the arena, summoning Skeleton Mooks, and casting random spells at you. Most of his arsenal can be parried, and high cast times combined with long recovery animations allow for charging and using high-damage abilities. Once you lower his HP or Break gauge, Phase 2 begins:

  • Rotten soil: Lich begins Phase 2 by covering the entire arena in a gooey goo. Putrid Ground will place Curse and Poison on all party members – halving your Break Gauge and also dealing continuous damage. Putrid Ground also summons several skeletons that still have a healing effect on Lich. This attack cannot be prevented, but the negative effects can be cured.
  • Terrible hug: Lich’s grab attack. This cannot be parried and must be dodged.
  • wingbeats: Lich flaps its wings three to five times. All hits can be parried.
  • offering to the dead: Lich will sweep forward with darkness on its wings. This attack can be parried, but is a multi-hit move.

Lich’s plan doesn’t really change, but he can no longer cast a variety of spells from Stage 1. Putrid Ground will inevitably put pressure on your team, and dealing with the skeletons is a must to prevent Lich from healing residual damage. It’s important to avoid Fearsome Embrace as it will hurt significantly – when combined with poison damage and skeleton graze attacks, you may find your health and break gauge depleted quickly. Keep the skeletons dead and keep putting pressure on the Lich, and soon you’ll bring the Earth Crystal back to the light. How to defeat Lich in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

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