How to defeat Fangmon in Digimon Survive

Fangmon is the second boss in Digimon Survive and by far the toughest enemy you’ve faced until the end of Part 2. This monster has been terrorizing you since you entered this strange world and now it’s time for some revenge. This guide explains how to defeat Fangmon so you don’t get stuck on this boss for long.

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How do you defeat Fangmon?

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The fight with Fangmon starts with Labramon evolving into Dobermon, so you start with at least one Digimon that can do high damage. We recommend evolving Agumon as soon as possible so that you have two powerful Digimon on the field at once. These Digimon can also move faster than your other weaker allies, so you have two choices as to what to do next. You can either slowly move your entire party up the causeway toward Fangmon, attacking enemies as you go, or you can split up and send some Digimon down the steps to surprise Fangmon from behind.

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We tried splitting up our group but it didn’t work out so well. The enemies on the stages are powerful and can defeat an evolved Digimon if they don’t have support. If you’re going to send Digimon down this way, send at least three and keep them together by holding back an evolved Digimon with two allies to ensure you always have healing and extra firepower. The more effective approach is to move your entire party down the causeway toward Fangmon, defeating his allies along the way.

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In the end we lost all Digimon except Betamon. This is because Fangmon can deal around 500 damage and will kill any evolved Digimon you have in your roster at the time unless you’ve trained seriously. The reason Betamon gained it for us with the skin of our teeth is that it is resistant to Fangmon’s attacks and can deal electrical damage that Fangmon is weak to. Pay attention to Fangmon’s stats and make sure you protect the Digimon that is most effective in battle and you should win easily.

What are Fangmon stats?

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If you analyze Fangmon and look at its stats, you’ll see that it’s resistant to psychic damage but incredibly weak to electrical damage. You start this fight with at least one Digimon that deals Electric damage, but you can add more to your party by getting more Betamon on your side. If you ignore these stats, you won’t easily beat Fangmon, and you might even have trouble beating it at all. How to defeat Fangmon in Digimon Survive

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