How to defeat all bosses

Core Keeper is in the early access phase and is a sandbox and role-playing game. In this game you will explore the underworld and meet different enemies. You can mine, build, farm and craft to get through the darkness of the underworld. You can explore different cave locations in this game and each of these locations has its own kind of creatures. You’ll learn different strategies by taking on the enemies and you’ll also learn about their weaknesses so you can prepare for the best.

This game has a total of six bosses including the optional bosses. Since this game is in an Early Access phase, new content may be added to the game after the updates. The four bosses are the main bosses and the rest are optional bosses. In this guide we will tell you how to beat all the bosses in the game.

main bosses

There are four main bosses in the game that you will encounter in the underworld.

Glorch the abominable mass

You will face this boss not far from the game’s starting point when you start exploring from the core. You will hear distant pounding, which means you will get close to this boss. Well, for this boss you’ll need copper armor so you can tank some hits, a tin sword, a shovel, and some crude bombs to damage him. Also keep food that gives you speed boost or damage with you. You basically only need these items to defeat him, and the basic strategy is not to get too aggressive, just play for your turn to damage him.

Ghorm the Devourer

This boss is actually a giant insect that roams the tunnels surrounding the core, and you can encounter it when you start walking through the tunnels. For this boss fight you will need a copper shovel to deal damage to him when he approaches. Place 50 spike traps in the tunnel when you see him traverse, he will walk away from there and most likely your spike traps will kill him. You need flashlights to see him moving from tunnel to tunnel in the dark. Raw bombs will also effectively damage him.

The crush mother

She can be found once you use the Glurch statue in the core, her location is shown on the map. For this boss fight, you need iron or armor armor to land some hits. You’ll also need a Flintlock Musket to damage her from a distance. Keep healing potions with you too. Set spike traps on their movement and also have a copper shovel handy.

Azeos the Sky Titan

To find this boss, you must first defeat all three bosses above, then use their statues in the core. You will be given new instructions to follow and you will encounter him. For this boss fight, you’ll need scarlet armor to tank some hits and a shield to block his attacks. A Scarlet Sword, Scarlet Pickaxe, and Shovel to deal damage to him. Also, keep bombs with you because they will come in handy too. Also keep health potions because you will probably need them too.

Optional bosses

There are currently two optional bosses in the game.

Malugaz the Corrupted

He can be found in the Forgotten Ruins biome and can also be encountered before the boss Azeos the Sky Titan. For this boss fight, you’ll need a scarlet sword to damage him when he’s nearby and a fireball staff to damage him when he’s far away. You need to have lots of food for speed and damage and lots of healing potions. Also keep your shield up to block his attacks.

Ivy the toxic mass

This boss is located in the Azeos Wilds biome and can be found in the tunnels with the pink poison slime. For this boss fight, you will need a Remedaisy Necklace, which will make you immune to poison. Keep healing potions with you too. You need a scarlet sword to deal damage. Also, keep movement-enhancing food with you so you can move quickly and deal damage to him.

That’s all for the bosses of this game. We hope you find it useful in defeating the boss you tried. How to defeat all bosses

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