How to Cook in Stardew Valley – the best recipes and more

Most crops or animal products in Stardew Valley can be used to prepare various recipes, which can usually be gifted to hungry residents or eaten to replenish health or stamina. Unlocking the cooking mechanics is not instantaneous; You need to upgrade your farmhouse for the first time to add a kitchen to your home.

If you’re not sure how to get started cooking in Stardew Valley, here’s everything you need to know, including some of the best recipes to create.

How to cook in Stardew Valley

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Cooking is initially unlocked with the first farmhouse upgrade, which adds a kitchen to the player’s home. This will give you access to a fridge and a stove as shown in the picture above. All ingredients in the player’s fridge or inventory can be used for cooking. Simply approach the stove and interact with it to bring up the cooking menu.

Recipes must be learned in order to prepare them, which can be done by watching The Queen of Sauce on TV on certain days, gaining higher friendship levels with Pelican Town residents, or improving skills. If the player knows a recipe and has the right ingredients, then a simple click on the item in the cooking menu is all it takes to prepare it. No time or persistence is required.

The best Stardew Valley recipes

Most cooked foods sell for a little less than their individual ingredients, so don’t expect to get rich from cooking. However, many offer buffs beyond just replenishing health and stamina, making them valuable items as you explore Stardew Valley.

  • Spicy Eel: Eel (1) and Hot Pepper (1) – This spicy treat restores 115 stamina and 51 health. It will also increase your movement speed and luck, making it more likely that you’ll find the stairs at the bottom of the mines. The recipe comes from reaching heart level 7 with George.
  • Tom Kha Soup: Coconut (1), Shrimp (1), and Common Mushroom (1) – This soup gives you 175 stamina and 78 health and improves your farming skills. It also increases your maximum Energy by 30. You can get the recipe from Sandy when you reach Heart Level 7 with her.
  • Dish from the sea: Sardine (2) and Hashbrowns (1) – This dish boosts your fishing skills by a whopping three levels for over five minutes, making it great to use if you plan to spend the day fishing. The recipe is unlocked by reaching fishing level 3.
  • Miner’s Treat: Cave Carrot (2), Sugar (1), and Milk (1) – This restores 125 stamina and 56 health, but it also increases your mining ability by three and gives you a magnetic personality that pulls items down the mines to you from afar . The recipe is obtained by reaching Mining Level 3. How to Cook in Stardew Valley – the best recipes and more

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