How to complete the Shadow in the West side quest in Horizon Forbidden West

Shadow in the West is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West that you will get by completing Shadows from the past sidequests. Aloy obtains a set of coordinates in the No-Man’s Land, and she is obligated to track them down in case The Ecpise plans to kill more innocent people. This guide explains how to complete the quest and gives some tips for defeating the boss.

Step 1: Follow the map marker and enter the camp

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You are given a map marker for the camp used by The Eclipse, so follow it through the No-Man’s Land until you reach it. Once you get there, you’ll need to kill a few Eclipse members outside the portal, and a few nearby Scroongers will likely join the battle. A heavy gun that you can pick up will make human enemies light, but machines are still best using bows.

Step 2: Enter and clean the camp

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Follow the path opened for you and sneak into the camp. There’s one enemy to kill before you get inside, but once you’re inside, there are plenty of others. This battle can get out of hand quickly, so try to be stealthy. The Longleg machine is agile and deals a lot of damage with its flaming attack, so try to take it down as quickly as possible when it starts fighting you. There are plenty of environmental traps for you to take advantage of, so conserve your ammo and kill as many human enemies as you can by dropping rocks at them or exploding crates nearby.

You will need to enter the main building in this camp after killing all the enemies. There are some slaves in an inner cage, so free them before you go through the next door to face Vezreh. Also make sure you have a proper supply of healing items for this next step.

Step 3: Kill Vezreh and his Ravager

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Vezreh is the boss of this side quest, but the fight isn’t just against him. He has a nasty Ravager fighting by his side. When the battle begins, Ravager will lunge at Aloy and attempt to hit her with melee attacks. It also causes an electric wave attack that you can dodge if you press the circle button at the last second.

This Ravager is weak against acid damage, so use every acid weapon you have at your disposal to effect and watch it burn. You’ll need to do this a few times before the camera crashes, but hitting the camera’s weak point, the blue part on the belly, and the two pink boxes on the back will do more damage than other shots. Collect any parts as soon as this machine breaks as you won’t stand a chance after Vezreh disappears.

Once you’ve killed Ravager, Vezreh will start closing in with his heavy gun. Use any remaining obstacles in the area to hide from the bullets and hit him with acid or fire attacks. This will cause him to die faster, at which point you’ll see a cutscene in which he blows up the room.

Step 4: Find Datapoints

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The final part of this side quest requires you to find three Datapoints in Vezreh’s quarters. There’s one near the entrance to the main camp, but if you turn around and go down the hallway, you’ll see another one in a separate room. You can use the Pullcaster to open the vent in this room and reveal a third Datapoint in a secret room. Talk to the NPC once you’ve done this and the side quest will be completed. How to complete the Shadow in the West side quest in Horizon Forbidden West

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