How to complete the More Than One Weapon quest in Destiny 2 – Week 4

The Season of the Seraph has arrived in Destiny 2. You’ll work with Ana, Clovis, and Osiris to protect the Warmind’s numerous uplinks from multiple forces while attempting to control them, likely tilting the balance towards The Witness before they arrive. This season you are working on the quest “More than a weapon”. Here’s what you need to know to complete the More Than One Weapon quest in Destiny 2.

All Beyond Arms quest steps in Destiny 2

You must go through several steps to complete More than a Weapon. Many of these quest steps will unlock on Tuesday when Destiny 2 resets. So don’t expect to complete this quest if you grab it.

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Step 1

In the first step of this quest, talk to Mara Sov. You’ll find her next at the holoprojector with a message for you.

step 2

Once you’ve spoken to Mara, head to the heist battlefield on the moon and complete the mission. This will be one of the weekly activities you work through while playing Destiny 2 during the Season of the Seraph.

step 3

The next step is to purchase 500 Seraph Key Codes. These keycodes come from the Heist Battleground quests you completed in the previous step. You acquired half as much as you needed. You must repeat the previous activity and prepare to protect another Warmind facility. However, if you prefer, you can complete other activities in Destiny 2 such as: B. Perform Strikes, Crucible or Gambit matches, complete daily tasks or other patrols in the game.

Gamepur screenshot

step 4

In the next step you need to unlock a Seraph Chest. You can do this by going to the HELM and completing any of the Heist Battleground activities in the playlist on the right side of the screen. You have to make sure you work through this activity or no Seraph Chest will appear at the end.

step 5

Now that you’ve been through that, you’re now working on Operation: Archimedes. Here you have the option to go solo or with a fireteam and complete one of the larger facilities in the system. You must have completed the other steps to gain access to this mission available in the HELM menu.

step 6

It is now time to return to Ana Bray at the HELM and speak to her via a holoprojector about the next step.

step 7

After speaking to Ana at the holoprojector, turn around to speak to the Exo Frame and have a conversation with Clovis.

step 8

After speaking to Clovis and receiving your weekly rewards, head back to interact with the hologram projector and listen to the message on the terminal.

step 9

These are the first steps for the first week quest in Season of the Seraph. Come back to the next ones next week.

step 10

The next steps have arrived, and you can now make your way back to Clovis at the Exo Frame in the HELM

step 11

In this step you can speak directly to the Clovis Exo Frame and explain what the next steps will be. You must make your way to the Heist Battleground on Mars.

step 12

The Heist Battleground on Mars is available in Savathun’s Throne World. Your character needs access to this location before they can join it.

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step 13

After completing the Heist Battleground: Mars activity, you’ll need to grind Seraph Key Codes again if you haven’t already. You need 500 before proceeding to the next step.

step 14

With your 500 Seraph Keycodes, it’s time to dive into another Heist Battleground activity in HELM, which requires you to open a Seraph Chest at the end. We recommend that you use the mods to protect yourself and take on the different champions that might appear during this activity.

step 15

After opening a Seraph chest, the next step is to work on Operation: Diocles. You can start this operation in the HELM at the bottom right of the Heist Battleground playlist.

step 16

When Operation: Diocles is complete, return to the HELM. There is a holoprojector recording that you must listen to in order to progress in this quest.

step 17

Now that you’ve spoken to Ana at the holoprojector, the next step is to return to the Exo Frame behind you and speak to Clovis.

step 18

It’s time to move away from this quest and let the rest of it appear in the next Destiny 2 weekly reset.

step 19

It’s time to return to the HELM and speak to Clovis to learn what to do next.

step 20

Before proceeding, make sure you collect at least 500 Seraph Keys and unlock the next step in the quest so you can access the Seraph Chest during the Heist Battleground activity.

step 21

Now that you have the necessary keys, head to the Heist Battleground activity and open the chest.

step 22

After completing this task and unlocking the Seraph Chest, return to the HELM to interact with a holoprojector and get the next step. Completing this part of the quest will grant you Revision Zero and access to Operation: Seraph Shield.

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step 23

It’s time to go through the fabled quest “Operation: Seraph Shield”. You should find it on the HELM alongside the other Heist Battleground activity. It will be a lengthy quest with multiple puzzles, so be prepared to take your time going through it.

step 24

When you finish Operation: Seraph Shield, return to the HELM to speak to the Exo Frame to unlock the Ancient Prototype Weapon.

step 25

That was the final step for this week, and you must return for the next set of tasks for the next Destiny 2 reset.

step 26

With a new week comes new steps for the More Than One Weapon quest. First, go to the HELM and talk to Clovis at the Exo Frame.

step 27

If you don’t have 500 Seraph Keycodes, be sure to snag some by completing activities throughout the system, with Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible matches being your best options.

step 28

It goes with you back to Heist Battlegrounds. Complete any activity from the Heist playlist node in HELM and spend your keycodes at the Seraph Chest.

step 29

Go back to the HELM and talk to Ana via the holoprojector across from the Exo Frame. She has a spicy plan that she needs your help with.

step 30

Gamepur screenshot

There’s now a new node on the cosmodrome called Operation: Son of Saturn, which sees you defeating traps on the Vostok Crucible map, which is also home to the Iron Temple of the Iron Lords. Once they’re defeated, relight the torches at the three checkpoints, then head across the bridge to the Iron Temple. There will be another torch and several investigation points in the area. The last one will be on the east side with a dead and broken spirit. Rasputin himself will contact you and you can enjoy a new cutscene.

step 31

Go back to the HELM and talk to Clovis again. Suffice it to say that his time as an “ally” is over.

step 32

Ana will take a moment, but Rasputin also knows she needs someone to talk to, so head over to the holoprojector to calm her down a bit.

step 33

Return to the Exo Frame, newly inhabited by the ever-popular Warmind, and debrief with Rasputin. He will tell you to continue as you have been while he ponders the next steps.

step 34

That’s all for week 4 of the More Than One Weapon quest line. Come back next week for more.

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