How to complete The Great Gathering in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you greet a Disney character in the valley, they usually drop a few demands in the form of quests. Simba is no exception; Honestly, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the king of the jungle. After reminiscing about some childhood memories, Simba will spark interest in the community. He wants to prepare a feast with Remy’s help to unite everyone. Let’s take a look at how to complete The Great Gathering in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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What is the missing ingredient for the cake in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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Remy is an experienced chef. If things ever get out of hand — or if we’ve just simply forgotten which ingredient is next — Remy always jumps in our hats and guides us every step of the way. That is until you pick up this quest; he suddenly seems to become an ingredient that is amnesiac.

The missing ingredient for Aurora’s cake is sugar cane, the sweetest of them all. Go to Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach to get Sugar Cane and buy seeds. The cane grows fast and only takes seven minutes to make, so you won’t have to wait long to complete your ingredient list. Once you have all the ingredients it’s time to cook. Combine Eggs, Milk, Wheat, Fruit and Sugarcane to make Aurora’s Cake.

How do I make a large seafood platter?

You can’t just skip straight to dessert, can you? Then we go to the first course. Remy decided to cook a big seafood platter for everyone. Luckily he gave you the recipe.

You need four clams and a lemon. You can collect the shell on the sandy shores of Dazzle Beach and the tranquil Glade of Trust. You can grow the lemon yourself or pick it from the trees in the Glade of Faith and Forest of Valor.

Once the banquet is ready, it’s time to invite the selected guests that Simba invited. Why are Maui, Goofy and Minnie getting this VIP treatment, Simba? Of course you’ll enjoy your party and take your selfies, but Nala will readily scold Simba and ask you to help feed the rest of the kingdom.

How to plant and grow carrots

Go to the Peaceful Meadow and buy Carrot Seeds – they only cost 10 coins each. Once you get your hands on these tiny plant babies, grab your trusty shovel and dig nine holes in a nice, sunny spot. Next, carefully place your carrot seeds in each hole, making sure they are covered with soil. Finally, water your newly planted seeds generously and sit back to watch them sprout into beautiful bright orange carrots in no time.

How to feed animals in the valley

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While you’re eagerly waiting for your carrots to grow, why not spread some cheer to our furry and scaly friends around the area? You can try the squirrels – the easiest creatures to catch. Grab some juicy apples and feed five of these cute animals to complete the goal. If not, approach some raccoons and give them some sweet and tart blueberries to eat. For the brave and adventurous, seek out the crocodiles and toss them delicious lobsters.

Now back to those carrots – they should be ready to go. The best part is that you don’t have to choose them. After the valley is fed and the lions have had their talk, the search is over. How to complete The Great Gathering in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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