How to complete the Bug Out! Collection challenge in Pokemon Go

The Bug Out! Event 2022 is live in Pokémon Go. You have a chance to catch several elusive Pokemon that appear throughout the game, most of them Bug-type. Alongside these elusive Pokemon and the rare ones that appear in five-star raids, there’s a Bug Out! Collection challenge that you must complete and you must collect specific Pokémon. This guide describes how to fix the Bug Out! Collection challenge in Pokémon Go.

All Pokemon in Bug Out! Collection Challenge

You must catch 17 Bug Pokémon to complete this challenge. The Bug Out! The 2022 event will take place from August 10th to 16th, giving you a little time to catch them before the Collection Challenge is over. We recommend using incense sticks on your character or placing lures on PokéStops to bring them to your location.

These are all of the Pokemon you need to catch and evolve to complete the Bug Out! Collection Challenge.

  • catch caterpie
  • Catch a dew spider
  • Catch a Grubbin
  • Catch a Joltik
  • Catch a Karrablast
  • Catch a Pineco
  • Catch a helmet
  • Catch a Skorupi
  • Catch a Weedle
  • Catch a Wurm
  • Evolve a Grubbin to Charjabug
  • Evolve a Kricket Dead in Kricketune
  • Evolve a Ledyba into Ledian
  • Evolve a Spinarak into Ariados
  • Evolve a Wurmple into a Cascoon
  • Evolve a Wurmple into a Silcoon

Rewards: 15,000 XP and the bug catcher avatar pose

All Bug-type Pokémon featured in this challenge can spawn in the wild. The best advice we can give you to complete this challenge is to walk around your neighborhood and look for Bug Pokémon. They usually spawn near towns, in trees, parks, or anywhere in nature. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them, since many bug-types appear alongside many other types. Again, adding incense to your character or placing a lure at a PokéStop is a good way to bring it to your location. How to complete the Bug Out! Collection challenge in Pokemon Go

Curtis Crabtree

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