How to complete Horizon Forbidden West Side Quests

In the first half of Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll likely hear a lot about Talanah and how she rushes through your base. Met her in the east, it’s time to help her west through the Need to Know side quest. This guide explains how to complete the quest and defeat its fearsome boss.

Step 1: Talk to Talanah and meet her further west

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Head to Camp Nowhere, Oseram’s small camp in the Land of No Man. You will meet Talanah there and can start the quest. She was eager to move and precede Aloy further west to the north of Thornmarsh. When you are ready to attack this mission, go to her and prepare for a fight.

Step 2: Kill Fireclaw

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As soon as you find Talanah, you will meet her friend. He is fighting a Fireclaw and has set a lot of traps around the area. Dodge these and join the fight because this machine won’t work without your help. Fire ice is weak to frost damage, so equip whatever causes it and fire away. After the Fireclaw is frozen, use any high-damage weapon to rip off parts and weaken the machine. The arena makes this fight easier than in an open area, so use cover around you to avoid attacks and keep dealing damage until it dies.

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Once you’ve killed the Fireclaw, collect all the parts you cut out of it before talking to Talanah. She will introduce you to her friend, and you will discover that he is looking for a nearby prison called The Rot. Follow the pair to the prison and get ready to battle some human opponents.

Step 3: Clean up the prison

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Aloy needs to kill all the guards in the prison, but the front gate is locked pretty tight. Swim through the water to the left of the entrance and go around to the back of the prison, where there’s a gap in the wall that you can enter.

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You can get all the guards out on your own using stealth, or open the door and let your comrades in. We recommend picking up some machine weapons scattered around the prison and finishing off enemies with them.

Step 4: Kill Tideripper

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Once you’ve cleared the prison and everything seems calm, a Tideripper jumps out of the water and attacks. This might be your first time using one of these machines, and it’s tough. They’re weak to frost damage, so equip whatever weapon does it and get active. Tideripper has a saucer on its back that will continuously spray water to keep you out, but ripping it off early in the fight makes it much more manageable. The Tiderippers are covered with weak points to hit, and you won’t be able to shoot it anywhere else. Continue to damage weak points until the last machine stops working, then you can free the prisoners and talk to Talanah again.

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Talking to Talanah ends the quest, but not before you’re given the Lightning Hunter’s Bow. This is a powerful bow that deals very good shock damage, and owning it early in your journey will make it an extremely useful asset for the rest of the story. How to complete Horizon Forbidden West Side Quests

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