How to complete Cauldron: Chi in Horizon Forbidden West

Cauldrons are locations around the map in Horizon Forbidden West that you can visit and explore to unlock new machine overrides. There are many things you will encounter in your journey with the game, and this guide explains how to complete one of them, Cauldron: Chi.

Cauldron Entrance: Chi?

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Cauldron: The genus is located at the bottom of the map in the west. It’s below the Greenhouse, where you’ll go Seeds of the past main quest. However, the main entrance is blocked by vines, so you need to find another way to enter. Move around to the right of the Cauldron and look for the waterfall. At the top of the cliff, there’s a gap that you can use to get into Cauldron: Chi. See below for a map reference for this location.

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Step 1: Drag the source tiles to complete the first puzzle

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The first few puzzles revolved around using the Pullcaster to pull the blue energy tiles out. This causes them to flip over and turn yellow, allowing Aloy to climb on them. For some, you need to be at a higher point in the room before you can drag them, so climb up or use a container to get higher. You’ll need to shoot the container off its hinge to free it and use it in the first room.

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Step 2: Move the arm to advance

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The next room is filled with machines. Luckily, you float above them, so use your height advantage to get them out while having the floor around you as a hiding place. Once you’ve killed the machine, you can go down and use the Pullcaster again to move the arm. Then use the Pullcaster to get up the arm from the side and reach the Cauldron’s core.

Step 3: Follow the trail and kill the machine

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Cauldron’s core has been destroyed. Use Aloy’s Focus to find the trail and track it. You’ll need to push the container over a nearby barrier to be able to use it to climb the vents. Follow the path, and you will find a room with many energy cells. When you find the one you need, you will be attacked. Defend yourself and kill Clamberjaw before taking the power cell and taking the elevator out of there.

Step 4: Back to the core

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Now you need to drag the source tile back to the core. In the next room, use the Pullcaster to line up the arm with the pedestal you came to. Pour the power battery over the container and use the Pullcaster to line it up along the path to the core. You will be ambushed by more Clamberjaws, but you should be able to handle them. Once you’ve killed the machines, take the power battery and go back to the core.

Step 5: Kill Slitherfang

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When you install the source tile, a Slitherfang will appear and attack. This is probably the worst Slitherfang you’ve fought in the game so far. It’s a ferocious machine that doesn’t stop working through spitting, electrocuting, and charging attacks. Having battled it out more times than we’d like to admit, we have a few tips to help you make this go as smoothly as possible.

Slitherfang is weak to damage, so use it whenever you can. However, it’s best to use any weapon with a high tear damage rating. You need to tear off as many parts of this machine as possible at the start of the fight. Aim under the head and tail. Removing these parts prevents specific attacks and makes the machine much weaker. Tearblast arrows are best, and using them when the battle begins will ensure that the machine is too weak for the rest of it for you to finish it off quickly.

Of course, it helps to set traps around the arena as you move when Slitherfang isn’t attacking. Try to make sure it’s an explosive trap, but that’s okay with any trap as it will stop the machine if it’s rushing towards you. Placing a trap near a damaged machine carcass in a room will cause flaming explosions and deal fire damage to the machine. This is a great tactic for getting lots of damage if you can make it work.

Take your time with this fight and dodge the machine as it attacks. There’s no sense in eating damage when you can dash out of the way. Learn the attack patterns and choose the right timing for these as it will make the fight much easier in the long run. Once you’ve killed Slitherfang, interact with Cauldron to unlock overrides for Frostclaws, Red Eye Watchers, Shell-Walkers, Clamberjaws, Behemoths, Stalker, Shellsnappers, Spikesnouts, Scorchers, and Fireclaws. How to complete Cauldron: Chi in Horizon Forbidden West

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