How to beat Tiny Dancer, the Giant Squashette in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Each world in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope has an optional oversized boss that provides an additional challenge. On Pristine Peaks, the game’s second planet, you’ll find a golden whistle in the ice castle in the second half of the level. This starts the Tiny Dancer side quest, which ironically pits you against a Giant Squashette. Once you have 19 sparks, you can jump into the tube and face it. How to survive the extra hard boss fight.

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How to defeat the Giant Squashette

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Preparation is of the utmost importance for this fight. If you have the resources, make sure everyone in your party has an Ice Spark and a Fire Spark: this way you can deal extra damage to those pesky Ice Wildclaws while also resisting their attacks. Otherwise, you’ll get frozen in place quite often. More and more of them will appear as the battle progresses, so be aware that you will always have to deal with them. Keeping your eyes on the first squad and the Lone Wolves that follow them should be your first step so you can clear the battlefield and focus on the actual boss. Remember that Ice Wildclaws will explode with an area of ​​effect icicle attack if defeated, so only take them out from a safe distance.

The Giant Squashette moves like the normal sized ones, with the same jumping attack. The difference is that the impact sends your team flying. Avoid standing near rocky outcrops. It’s a powerful attack no matter what, so some sort of healing from Rabbid Peach, items, or a spark is a must.

Also note that the Giant Squashette is immune to status effects like burning and freezing. However, Rabbid Rosalina’s signature ability, Ennui, can imprison her, and that’s a reliable move throughout the fight. You should keep your distance while avoiding being knocked out. So the more you can block your enemies, the better.

It’s a tough fight, period. Juggle your focus between the minions and the main boss, and you’ll eventually clip the Giant Squashette’s equally huge health bar. Just remember to use the right Sparks: Fire and Ice can make or break this fight. How to beat Tiny Dancer, the Giant Squashette in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

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