How to beat Marilith in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

One of the four Fiends you’ll encounter as you journey through Cornelia, Marilith is a fiery attacker capable of raining down multiple powerful, damaging blows in an instant. However, Marilith has one key weakness – her snake-like body. Because of its length, players can hit it relatively safely as long as they watch their counterattack range. However, she has a few other tricks, so let’s dive deep and find out how to beat Marilith in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

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Marilith is fast and hits hard, but luckily is easier to stagger than the other Fiends. Her first phase introduces you to a variety of combos in her arsenal – combined with her weird hitboxes and ever-shifting stance, this can be a little scary. Here are all of her attacks in phase 1:

  • Basic Attacks: Her combos can range from three hits to a terrifying five hit wombo combo. Her body is also somewhat disjointed, as she can reach far across the arena or delay her attacks by rearing up on her snake body. Staying away from party members is highly recommended so her aggro can bounce around and give players breathing room – if she’s allowed to focus on someone, she can easily murder them.
  • Rakshasa slash: A huge AoE slash around them. This attack has a moderate draw and is parsable.
  • Asura: A series of ranged sword blows aimed at a single person. This attack is parryable and stealable as an instant order.
  • lunge: A long-range melee attack that allows Marilith to literally traverse the arena in a single attack. This attack can be parried, but it comes out pretty quickly, so keep an eye out for it.
  • tail slap: This attack doesn’t have a name, but she’ll use her massive tail to try to finish off a player from a distance – this attack can be parried, but it also comes out pretty quickly.
  • raining swords: This attack consists of a series of concentrated strikes on a single target – if you try to block this, you’ll likely get Guard Broken unless you’re invested in defense stats. It’s easier to parry or dodge to keep your buffs and MP gauge intact.
  • tail swipe: This attack has no name, but she will flap her tail in a wide circle in front of her to repel attackers. This attack can be parried, but the Telegraph is very fast, so be careful – she tends to use this attack after recovering from a stagger. This attack does heavy damage to the breach bar, so blocking it is not a good idea.
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A look at this attack list shows that Marilith isn’t an enemy you’d typically want to keep blocking or parrying against – her attacks are designed to pressure even the toughest jobs. Luckily, her long hitbox allows her to be hit from some sort of safety, as even a light swipe on the tip of her tail still counts for full damage. Again, their stagger resistance is pretty low, so repeated heavy weapon hits will eventually bring them down for the count. For phase 2, however, it goes one step further.

In Stage 2, she ignites her blades on fire, adding a new layer to the defense issue – Flame Attacks stack Elemental Vulnerability and pierce blocks somewhat, meaning each hit increases future damage across the board. However, she only gains a new attack in Phase 2 with Inferno. Inferno spawns huge lava flows in a small area around Marilith – although it’s possible to avoid it by staying close to her, she can use this moment to counterattack while you scramble around. If you’re not sure, it’s best to just back off and wait for Inferno to end. Soon Marilith will be in the dirt and you’re on your way. How to beat Marilith in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

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