How tall is Sindri in God of War?

Sindri the Dwarven Blacksmith is a central character in God of War (2018) and God of War: Ragnarök. He is known for his excellent craftsmanship and his ability to craft powerful weapons for the game’s main protagonist, Kratos. Since Sindri is a dwarf, many people wonder how tall he is. In this article, we discuss Sindri’s size and other interesting facts about him.

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How tall is Sindri in God of War?

Although it isn’t mentioned in-game or in any lore resources, Sindri’s height appears to be just under five feet, or about 145 cm. We compared Sindri to Kratos’ official height, which is 6ft 4in, or approximately 193cm. This educated guess is consistent with the average adult height of people suffering from dwarfism in real life, which is around 4ft 10in to 5ft.

Other Sindri Facts in God of War You Should Know

Here are some well-known facts about Sindri that you should know if you love his adorable character:

  1. Sindri hates germs. There are several scenes in God of War that show Sindri’s disdain for germs. One of these scenes includes when Kratos carved the tooth out of Hraezlyr and gave it to Sindri. Sindri immediately orders Kratos to hold it, specifically saying, “I’m not touching that.”
  2. Sindri builds weapon handles out of oak. This fact is related to the fact that Sindri is antigerm. In real life, many scientists consider oak to be the best wood that prevents pathogenic growth, also known as bacterial growth.
  3. Sindri is the equivalent of Hephaestus in Greek mythology. Sindri is an incredible craftsman and blacksmith who accurately mirrors Hephaestus.
  4. Sindri and Brok made the Mjölnir. The Huldra brothers crafted Thor’s powerful weapon while trying to become known for their crafting skills.

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There are theories that Sindri may become an antagonist for the next God of War: Ragnarok sequel. Although this theory has no basis at the moment, we cannot deny its possibility. After all, Sindri harbors a great grudge against the gods. How tall is Sindri in God of War?

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