How old is Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog series? answered

Tails has been a big part of Sonic’s adventures for a number of years. While he often takes on the role of a sidekick, he’s known for being the center of attention at times. Tails is almost as iconic as Sonic himself, as the two are rarely seen apart. Just like other characters in the franchise, he displays the same inability to age as Sonic.

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Tails isn’t as old as Sonic, but he doesn’t seem to have aged a day since his debut. The only clue as to Tails’ age is that he’s younger than Sonic, but that’s not a huge clue. How old is Tails and what is the best way to calculate his age?

Based on the in-game lore, how old is Tails?

According to Wikipedia, Tails is eight years old, which is younger than Sonic’s set age of 15. This number is supported by the Japanese Sonic Channel, which also gives Tails’ age as eight years old. Unlike Sonic, he doesn’t seem to have birthday parties that would add to his age. It’s safe to assume that Tails will always stay the same age no matter what game he appears in.

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Tails appears in the second Sonic live action film, set eight months after the first film. Unlike Sonic, who could have gotten older during that time, Tails makes his film debut at the age of eight. He would not have had the same months to age and thus retains his current age. You can’t go backwards with his age like you would with Sonic as he may not be able to be seven if he doesn’t appear in the film.

How old is Tails based on his game appearances?

Tails first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which was first released on November 21, 1992. Given Tails’ age of 8, if you added the two together, he would be 37 years old. Tails either ages incredibly slowly or has managed to retain his pristine youth.

You can also base Tails’ age on zero and just count the years since he first appeared (although this doesn’t match the in-game lore). That would make Tails 29 years old since his first debut. Having a presence in the franchise for 29 years isn’t nothing, and it’s a testament to his popularity that he’s appeared as frequently as he has.

While taking on the role of sidekick, it’s hard to imagine Tails from the Sonic franchise. He assisted Sonic as a young eight year old, flew around and supported him for over 29 years. No matter how you calculate his age, he still looks great. How old is Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog series? answered

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