How did she do it? Americans weigh in on Biden’s performance. – The Denver Post

President Joe Biden took office at a particularly polarizing time in American history, so it’s no surprise that people are divided over his performance at the one-year mark.

A Georgia history teacher who voted for Biden would give him a “C,” apologizing to the president for not pushing for the end of the Senate race earlier but for supporting the Build Back Better plan. your.

A retired Iowa nurse who supported Pete Buttigieg in the Democratic primaries said she was impressed by how Biden has maintained the dignity of office.

An Arizona-registered independent who voted for former President Donald Trump said Biden’s first year was “pretty bad,” citing the closure of the Keystone XL pipeline and the chaotic pullout. turmoil in Afghanistan.

Here’s what other Americans have to say about the work Biden has done so far:


Craig Prichard believes Donald Trump should go to jail. But he’s a far cry from your typical anti-Trumper: He voted for him in 2016.

But not in 2020. “No, sir,” said the self-described 65-year-old from Des Moines, Iowa.

Prichard is still angry with Trump about the January 6 uprising on Capitol Hill, saying he believes the former president caused it. But it was Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic that prompted Prichard to vote for Biden in 2020.

“Trump wants to make it look like COVID is gone,” Prichard said. “That’s not the way to take care of it.”

Prichard, who spent 40 years building farm machinery, worked in construction and eventually retired after working at a meatpacking plant last year, said Biden was “getting the best handle on COVID.” maybe” while solving some other problem.

“Biden, you could say he’s trying to tackle the pandemic, food prices, gas prices, Russia, all at the same time, and he just doesn’t seem to care how he looks. ,” Prichard said. “Because it’s not really good for him right now, even though there are fewer deaths than when Trump was there.”

“Trump, it turns out, only cares about how he looks,” Prichard said.


Kai Uchimura, a high school history teacher living in Decatur, Georgia, voted for Biden in 2020. He’s given him a “C” so far. How did she do it? Americans weigh in on Biden’s performance. – The Denver Post

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