How combos work in Rollerdrome – combo coins, combo meter and more

Rollerdrome is basically a skating game, so typical mechanics of the genre, such as B. chaining combinations, present in its gameplay. However, to better suit the game’s third-person shooter focus, the development and continuation of these combos relies more heavily on gunplay than just chaining simple tricks. This guide explains the features and benefits of keeping a combo going in Rollerdrome.

Start and hold combo

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Unlike other skating games, successful tricks don’t start combos in Rollerdrome. Instead, a combo will start when enemies are dealt damage, and if that damage is sustained for a short period of time, the combo will continue. Dealing damage increases the combo meter slightly, while killing enemies fills it up completely.

The biggest caveat to keeping a combo going is ammo consumption and reloading. New rounds will only load into your active weapon when you’ve successfully performed tricks, although this won’t improve your combo. Because of this, chaining enough damage to enemies to sustain the combo requires short and timely tricks interspersed between gunfire, making effectively juggling the two actions a balancing act.

Purpose to hold a combo

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Each enemy killed in quick succession adds a level to the combo. Each new combo level increases the multiplier for the points you earn during a run, with perfect or near-perfect combos being the easiest to achieve high scores. While you might not be driven by numbers enough to be content with earning a high score, getting combos when you’re done is an incentive.

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Each arena has a list of 10 achievement-based challenges for you to complete, each with a different difficulty and objective. Challenges involving hitting specific high scores and combo level thresholds appear in virtually every arena and are virtually unachievable without hefty score multipliers and a sixth sense for kill timing. Remember that completing all challenges is required to earn platform achievements and get the perfect game finish.

Combos save with combo coins

Combo Coins are collectibles found scattered throughout an arena, often over ramps, along grind rails, or at locations of other complex tricks. These coins can be used to instantly revive a combo that’s running low on its meter, completely refilling the meter with each coin used.

While these combo coins can be incredibly useful in a pinch, they’re limited in supply, with only five coins spawning in each arena. Each time a combo is restored, one coin is consumed, meaning they should ideally be used sparingly. To save Combo Coins, it’s a good idea to temporarily spare weaker enemies like Grunts and come back to finish them off when your combo meter runs out. How combos work in Rollerdrome – combo coins, combo meter and more

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