Do you often lose your keys? Leave your umbrella on public transport? Share our tips on how to improve your concentration and always stay organized.

Causes of distracted attention

A person is distracted and inattentive not from birth. The symptomatology is acquired throughout life. And the following factors can be the cause:

  • Subconscious sabotage of affairs (a reaction to the unwillingness to carry out certain actions).
  • Fatigue, insomnia, headaches.
  • Performance of monotonous and routine work.
  • Organic brain damage (accompanied by depression, anxiety disorder, etc.).
  • Complete reduction of the ability to direct and fix attention in medicine is called aprosyxia. It can occur as a consequence of craniocerebral trauma, tumors, and mental illness, and occurs primarily in the elderly.

Only a doctor can diagnose serious damage to the nervous system or cerebral cortex and prescribe medication.

If concentration has been impaired due to a nervous breakdown, negative emotions, psychological exhaustion, or simple fatigue, there is no need for medical intervention. It is enough to overcome stress and perform “rehabilitative” activities.

How to overcome absent-mindedness

Absent-mindedness as a consequence of fatigue and lack of sleep, which students are always in excess, can be minimized if you follow the advice of professionals:

  • Exercise or sports, preferably in the fresh air. Active exercise promotes blood flow to the brain and also strengthens health, which is not unimportant for training lost skills.
  • ” Engage” the brain by reading, solving puzzles, playing musical instruments, etc. Intellectual activity has a positive effect on a person’s ability to think.
  • Avoid stressful situations as much as possible. Monitor the psychological climate within the team – in the family, among classmates, etc. If the stress relates to studies, then it is advisable to think about who can write my essay for me to save yourself from unnecessary worries.

Useful habits to help you stay focused

Has absent-mindedness become a norm of life? Follow these tips and you’ll become more organized in the long run, with fewer distractions and more time to spare.

  • Throw out the stuff you don’t need. The more junk, the more uncontrollable the chaos. Feel free to get rid of things you haven’t used in over a year. To avoid piling up unnecessary stuff, don’t buy unnecessary stuff initially. We get it – it’s hard! But try an experiment. Do not rush to buy things you like. If within a week not once in your thoughts you come back to the object of your desire, then definitely you should buy it. And if not, then the thing is not yours.
  • Everything has its place. Determine once and for all, where to keep your keys, phone, documents, etc. Things will always be in their place.
  • Make notes. Forgetting birthdates, grocery lists, or your schedule is normal. What’s more, if you keep all the tasks in your head all the time, your brain will start to perform worse. Take a few seconds to jot down information in your phone notes or set a reminder on your calendar.
  • Follow a schedule. Schedules will help not to forget important things: write down the tasks for the day (or less detailed tasks for a week, month, or year), and arrange time intervals.
  • Don’t procrastinate. The sooner you start work, the sooner you’ll get through it, and the less stressed you’ll be by the impending deadline. Waiting for a sign to start? Here it is.
  • Break tasks down into subtasks. Sometimes taking on a project is more difficult not so much physically as psychologically. You can get rid of fear if you approach big goals in small steps. Break down a large task into several smaller ones. It will be easier to cope.
  • Do not beat yourself up. Troubles like lost items and forgotten tasks can happen to anyone. The main thing is to learn a lesson and not to do it again.

Huynh Nguyen

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