Horizon Forbidden West Wind is one of the best part of PS5 RPG

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How do you fill a huge open world so it doesn’t feel dead and empty? You can litter the map with points of interest, unleash a swarm of prehistoric robots to roam its peaks and valleys, and make sure every other vista explodes with flair. of the lens. Or, in Forbidden Horizon in the Westin the case ofyou can do all three and then finish everything without ever ending.

The sequel to Guerrilla Games is bigger and better than Horizon Zero Dawn in every way, but my favorite upgrade by far is the wind. It’s everywhere in Forbidden Horizon in the West. It was in the field, peeking through a million blades of grass. It was in the mountains, blowing snowflakes against the rock face. And it’s in the desert, spewing rust while the ominous Sunwing machines glide overhead.

The first time it really hit me was right after I left Western Forbiddenmy original canyon area, and I explored the rest of the map entirely. The first thing you arrive at is the ruins of a battlefield, full of bombed tanks and sprawling tentacles. an ancient Horus machine. A storm began to rise, and as I was on the other side, into a shallow forest, the wind looked ready to break the trees like branches. In Western ForbiddenAloy is tasked with trying to heal a planet that is always, in one way or another, making its presence felt.

GIF: Guerrilla Game / Sony / Kotaku

This is how Ben Lindbergh describes it in his rating for Ringer:

But the winds of Western Forbidden Not just for show. They visually link the different ecosystems that make up Western ForbiddenThe open world is vast, vast, and considerably denser than Zero Dawn‘S. They visually propel the player forward, as Aloy’s quest to fight disaster drives hers. And they speak subtly to the stakes of the story, reminding players that the wind is so peaceful not just because it looks cool, but because the biosphere is disintegrating and humanity is months away from extinction. .

One of the most notable games that used wind to give its open-world identity was 2015 The Witcher 3. “The wind is howling,” Rivia’s protagonist Geralt likes to mutter under his breath. And it’s regular and quite noisy. “[The wind] In many ways, energy gives the world The Witcher 3 come to life in a way no other video game has ever managed,” KotakuLuke Plunkett’s Many years later. The breeze enhances the game’s natural aesthetic, but it also helps propel you through its world and keep you coming back.

GIF: Guerrilla Game / Sony / Kotaku

Other open world games have begun. In Ghost of Tsushima literally the wind will guide you to new quests and characters. The weather is something to magic stay Horizon Zero Dawn also. But like I said, Western Forbidden take everything up a notch. There’s simply more to it spreading, from the endless whirlwinds of leaves just dying across the screen to Aloy’s own braided locks. And this time around, it feels like light has found dozens of new ways to bounce off and filter through every little foliage.

This is how Ted Hughs describes the wind in his poem of the same name:

The wind blows the fields under the window

Firm and moist black halibut

Until the day of the rose; then under the orange sky

The hills had new places, and the wind blew

Blade-shaped light, glowing black and emerald

Bend like the lens of a mad eye

There’s no shortage of things to do Western Forbidden. Some critics even argue that there is too much. But whenever I’m overwhelmed or tired or just need a break, I hop on my Strider to look for the closest outposts to sit and watch. Horizonworld of self-move.

https://kotaku.com/horizon-forbidden-west-ps5-wind-guerrilla-games-open-wo-1848555502 Horizon Forbidden West Wind is one of the best part of PS5 RPG

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