Historically odd poker hand leads to dramatic cheating allegation

Some really wild poker nonsense was going on during Thursday night Hustler Casino Live Stream, which led to multiple notes app statements about possible cheating, the fluttering of a seemingly steadfast player, and more than a quarter of a million dollars being passed back and forth for reasons no one could pinpoint. It starts here with this clip where Garrett Adelstein, one of the best players in the world, goes all in on an open flush draw and loses to Robbi Jade Lew, a less experienced player, after staying in a hand, she shouldn’t have and won with a jack-high.

As you can see, Adelstein was stunned to lose to Lew on such a hand, and the most theatrically satisfying part of the six-minute clip is the minute-long gaping look Adelstein gives Lew after she takes his money. The crux of the matter here is Lew’s irrational betting pattern – specifically her decision to call Adelstein after he went all-in on the turn. Calling a bet that big with nothing but a jack, a four, and no chance of making the flush that she couldn’t have known Adelstein was working on is brave to the point of recklessness. As a general rule, you don’t call an all-in bet like this with worse cards that Lew won but had. To put it more familiarly, she didn’t show a mastery of the right situations to hold (shouldn’t) or fold (shouldn’t), although she still won.

“I don’t understand what’s happening,” Adelstein says as Lew revels in her victory. Adelstein asks Lew why she called his huge bet despite her mediocre cards. “Ace-high,” she says, “I thought you had ace-high.” This doesn’t make sense right off the bat since an ace is higher than a jack. “So why call jack-high?” Adelstein asked, to which Lew replied, “Because you don’t have shit.” At one point, she also claims she thought she had a three instead of a four, which is a pretty ridiculous thing to say believe or even tell when the stakes are so high. Lew’s incoherence only fueled Adelstein’s ire, which is difficult: Adelstein is a notoriously quiet player, one who never blows up even when taunted or losing heavily to a big shit talker. In February, he shrugged off Dylan Gang’s bravado after losing a $186,000 pot to him. After the hand, Adelstein went to the casino, where he says Lew tried to “justify the game”. When Adelstein told her her incident was likely to go viral, he said “her face was definitely melted,” and when told, “I think you know now you screwed up,” he said she offered to repay him, which he accepted.

To take Lew’s explanations at face value, she says she called Adelstein because she thought he was bluffing, with a hand that beat hers and therefore didn’t make sense. Since Adelstein was looking for a flush or straight draw on the river, she could have imagined her Jack of Clubs as a useful blocker, although her hand again turned out to be pretty bad and she only won through incredible luck. What Adelstein posited, however, was that it wasn’t luck. In a six-part statement released by the Notes app, Adelstein accused Lew of cheating, how she might have done it, and gave his version of what happened on the casino floor before getting his money back.

Lew has been playing poker for money for many years, although this year she has moved into significantly higher stakes tournaments. In her own statement after the game, she was defiant.

It’s worth noting that several elite poker players have voiced their opinions here are split on whether or not her think Lew cheated. Proving someone’s guilt or innocence is an incredibly difficult yardstick to reach, as is the case in chess, although unlike chess, poker has an inescapable element of luck that complicates everything by an order of magnitude. Lew could very well have brought herself to win that huge hand, although everything she said afterwards was incredibly confused at best. Did she know the cards in her hand or not? Did she think Adelstein had an ace up his sleeve or not? Does she know the difference between two pairs and a full house or not? That doesn’t prove anything, however, and as suspicious as this whole situation is, I don’t think we’re going to get a clear answer as to exactly what was going on here.

https://defector.com/historically-strange-poker-hand-leads-to-dramatic-cheating-allegation/ Historically odd poker hand leads to dramatic cheating allegation

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