Hilarious: MSNBC reporter gets humiliated on air [Video]

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This video is hilarious. In it, an MSNBC reporter discusses the situation in Canada not only being engulfed by the throngs of pro-liberal Canadian patriots that surrounded him, but also humiliated by their anti-media sentiment.

As you can hear in the video, the MSNBC host tries to get rid of the protesters, then when their screams become overwhelming, tries to make it all about himself and his profession. me, saying that they gathered for “the way they feel about the media and they’re venting it out loud.

No, they gathered because of their feelings about Trudeau and the missions. The arrival of regime journalists on the scene, there to try to orchestrate the issue in a way that made the protesters appear evil, was just an added bonus to the anti-Trudeau crowd as it provided an opportunity. Let them mock as much. of the regime they are creating over Trudeau and his long hold on power.

In any case, McGregor, the host, was right when they “loudly vented it out,” with “that” being their complete disrespect for their media personalities. regime in his hands.

As you can hear the screams of “freedom”, the screams of “F****** lies!”, “Get a real job” and “Media is a virus” are drowned out. take McGregor’s voice and completely humiliate him live on air.

And McGregor certainly deserves it for shaping the issue. Though it’s hard to understand him because of the cry of freedom, Newsweek report which he said:

This is a feature of these protests, Yasmin, that we haven’t seen much in Canada. I know the MAGA movement in the United States, we’ve seen a lot of it.

But the protesters, now seeing their occupation of the city coming to an end after three weeks, have increasingly turned their anger toward journalists. Seen a lot of our colleagues here including harassing, shouting demonstrations, as you can hear here.

Again, it was just a lie; the protesters are there for the mission, not the media. Going live to mock people like him is just a bonus.

The Twitter comments and retweets quote are, as usual, excellent. Here are a few picks from some of the best:

Sorry !! This is hilarious. MSM is everyone’s enemy… .and everyone knows it. Even Canadians.

Here’s how media people should treat that lie. No one should take this job because of who they work for. Scum.

I just called you all racists in the last segment. How dare you treat me badly.

Dude almost cried.

What those comments received was the basic fact that not only was the emperor (Trudeau) without clothes, exposed as a trickster and tyrant, but so were his servants.

Mounties and other police officers in Ottawa have been unmasked as bloodthirsty thugs, and the media have been unmasked less than thugs of the corrupt regime.

https://smartzune.com/hilarious-msnbc-reporter-gets-humiliated-on-air-video/ Hilarious: MSNBC reporter gets humiliated on air [Video]

Dustin Huang

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