Hideki Kamiya has little sympathy for Bayonetta 3 Ending Haters

Bayonetta stares into the depths of her liquid libation.

Let’s do the witch time loop again.
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We’re not shy even a month bayonet 3‘s release and Hideki Kamiya, the series’ creator and supervisor, has already confirmed this bayonet 4 is in development and that it will address the game’s controversial ending in an “unexpected” way.

in the a twitter thread Responding to a fan’s inquiry about the future of the bayonet Franchise via the query service To peeSaid Kamiya, “Unexpected developments await… please look forward to them.” bayonet 3‘s finale greeted players with a Marvel Movie-esque Stinger lyric stating that the series will “continue into a new generation”. In the thread, Kamiya revealed that this sequel will address a poorly conveyed aspect bayonet 3is over.

“I didn’t think it was unexpected at all, but it seems that the end of bayo 3 I don’t think it was conveyed to everyone properly bayo 4 will be an unexpected development for everyone,” Kamiya said wrote in a machine-translated tweet. “Finally when bayo 4 comes out, I’m sure there will be people who will say, “You added that after the fact,” so I’m going to say it now.”

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Spoiler alert for the ending of Bayonetta 3.

Though Kamiya is blunt about which aspect of bayonet 3The ending of the upcoming sequel will be addressed, Kamiya’s response to a fan’s query suggests that it is specifically about Bayonetta’s character. As one Twitter user said, Bayonetta’s sudden “submissive” romance with Luka, a “subspecies” for her, and her subsequent death was not fun to watch and had a negative impact on her character. Kamiya answered and said “That is [just] like it [is] to you.”

If you’re not squeamish about spoilers and want to know why fans and some gaming publications have reviewed bayonet 3including kotakudidn’t like his ending, here’s a quick rundown of his finale.

  • bayonetta’sroommate‘ and beast, is summarily killed
  • Bayonetta eventually gets into a romantic relationship with Luka, a supporting actor on the show who suddenly has a bigger role to play bayonet 3
  • Bayonetta and Luka are killed
  • Bayonetta and her daughter Viola in another dimension have a strange argument over passing the torch after the credits scene
  • Solemn Vogueing and Marvel Movie Stinger lyrics follow

in one follow up tweetKamiya told people who didn’t enjoy it bayonet 3 and who became a “insane toxic radio transmitter.”[s]should steer clear of future entries in the series, especially if their outrage stemmed from how the game handled a particular character, i.e. Bayonetta. Instead of thinking about outrage bayonet 3‘s dealing with the beloved witch, Kamiya said that players should also consider the game’s design, art and story.

“I feel like I can never interact with a person who invests so much in an element (e.g. a character) and judges by that alone.” Kamiya wrote in a separate tweet.

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Personally, I think it’s hard not to look back on it bayonet 3‘s end and its gentle acknowledgment of bayonet 4 and don’t think of the game as the bizarre version of Devil May Cry 5, in which Capcom passed the torch from Dante, the mainstay of the series, to his nephew Nero. scold.

back in 2008, the devil may weep 4 himself was originally intended to be a passing of the torch from Dante to Nero, but never quite got through, partly due to his unfortunate decision to make the player repeat each level but vice versa, as the opposite character. The subsequent publication of Devil May Cry 5turned DMC4in hindsight, into a rough draft of what the passing of the torch and Dante’s farewell should be like, with a more delightful sequence of events filled with satisfying action and story beats.

Woolie Versus

bayonet 3in comparison, almost mirrors the story beats of DMC5 except that it actually killed its old hero, Bayonetta in this case. It then made things worse given how dissonant Viola’s “Prove yourself by defeating a Dark Bayonetta” post-credits fight scene felt with the rest of bayonet 3‘s story. Rather than serving her character, it felt like a clumsy way of communicating to fans that Viola is the new beauty. This felt totally undeserved when you think about it bayonet 3 Players only spent about 25 percent of their playing time as them. That concludes my TED Talk.

Hopefully there will be time for bayonet 4 In how many years will PlatinumGames regain its luster and favor among the fans who felt offended by it bayonet 3is over. But for now the shadow remains cast.

https://kotaku.com/bayonetta-3-hideki-kamiya-ending-fans-hate-sequel-viola-1849813267 Hideki Kamiya has little sympathy for Bayonetta 3 Ending Haters

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