Halo Infinite’s updated store price makes players smoke again

A Spartan in black and pink armor holding an assault rifle on the Recharge map in Halo Infinite.

Screenshots: 343 Industries

Last night, Microsoft announced that Halo Infinite has been played by more than 20 million since then its surprise release last November. In other words, at any given time, as many as 20 million people (or more!) are engaged in a heated debate about some aspect of how developer 343 Industries operates its hit game. . This week, that’s the price tag.

Halo Infinite, a free-to-play multiplayer shooter, generates income the way most free-to-play multiplayer shooters do: through microtransactions. You can purchase the premium version of pass its 100 level battle. You can buy cosmetics through an in-game shop. And you can buy single-use items to speed up your progression through battle. Please note, you do not purchase this directly. First, you have to buy in-game currency is called creditwhich current list with a base rate of $10 for 1,000. (If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, you’ll get a slight discount.)

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Earlier this month, 343 Industries announced sweeping changes because the Infinitemultiplayer store. Last week, indeed, the prices of items fell across the board, with top pack with 1,200 credits (from the previous high of 2,000). This week, the final plan is to make items partially available, a change that went into effect yesterday afternoon. This week you will find:

  • The “perfect ascension” pack, which includes three icons, a nametag, and leaves a trail of purple-blue shiny things behind you as you run, an effect that seems extremely useful for a shooter competitive first person gun (800 credits)
  • Kill effect “neon ending credits”, causing your enemies to glow purple when you kill them (600 credits)
  • The “ExplosionHelmet”, a byproduct of the fan-favorite ODST helmet (700 credits)
  • Plus daily rotation offer

Lots of ire, as seen in the answers to Halo ‘s Twitter feed official announcement, is directed at the price of the helmet. “This week has been really trash,” wrote one player, explicitly calling the price of fireproof helmets worth it. “It really feels like you guys are just trying to see how much you can get away with and what the community can endure.” speak another, showing how the helmet didn’t come with any attachments.

On the other hand, you have someone saying that people would easily pay a lot for a drink from their local Starbucks.

A Spartan wearing a fire helmet stands solemnly in Halo Infinite's gear selection screen.

Screenshots: 343 Industries / Kotaku

Elsewhere, as in answer to a question posed by a seer — though Not perfectHalo datamining accountPeople’s judgments seem to be slightly more measured, describing changes with words like “good”, “better” and “reasonable”. Multiplayer their hopes seem to be lifted by a fan-made graphic That done rounds, shows that cosmetics are offered for much less than anything 343 Industries has allowed so far (armor sets for 600 credits, weapon skins for 100 credits. only, etc.). But the general feeling is that the price changes 343 have made are a step forward for an ever-evolving game whose developers have consistently demonstrated a willingness to listen to feedback and implement changes. .

In a statement for Kotaku343 Industries chief design officer, Jerry Hook, called this week’s changes “experimental,” intended to help clarify “what’s working and what’s not,” and said the studio will continue to work on the changes. Adjust as needed for the rest of the Halo InfiniteThe first part of the series is expected to end on May 2.

However, the store still had problems beyond the price of the ingredients. Some players express surprise exactly how 343 Industries chose to separate individual items from packages. It doesn’t work as you might want.

Ideally, for example, let’s say 343 puts a package of “Government Key Rules” for sale. (That’s right, I just came up with that.) You can get the helmet for 500 credits, some shoulder pads for 250, chest pads for 250, and Spartan Green armor for 200 Or, you can buy the whole thing for 1,000 . Reasonable, right? But that’s not how it works. Solo items are sold solo only, and bundled items are only sold in bundles. Right now, if you just want a single item from a pack, you have to buy the whole pack.

“For now, our focus is on providing a better mix of individual items and packages to meet our short-term goal of better options for players to get the customization they want. rather than just buying packages,” says Hook, but noted that 343 is currently refining changes regarding the relevance of older packages. Some will be on sale again, perhaps with price tags that reflect the newer standard. The others will be split into individual pieces.

And in case you were wondering, yes, Hook confirms those nimble cat ears will actually make some form of return. I know you were nervous there for a minute.

https://kotaku.com/halo-infinite-store-prices-firefall-helmet-perfect-asce-1848427844 Halo Infinite’s updated store price makes players smoke again

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