Halo Infinite players look great without spending a dime

Master Chief stores in a thrift store.

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Since its launch in November, a lot of noise has been made about Halo InfiniteCustomization options. Amid the scarcity of variety in free options (too much gray) and the sticker prices of the paid options (too much $$$), there’s a feeling that looking great in 343 Industries’ popular multiplayer shooter is going to cost money. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In digital communities like r / halodripfinite, a niche subreddit currently has around 800 members, Halo Infinite players gather to show off their pre-ordered outfits. While many involve a degree of financial commitment, folding items — from armor overlays to weapon skins, of course, those cat ears—Available via premium battle cards, standalone campaigns, or any of the rotating inventory in Halo Infinite’s microtransaction store, some players display lookbook sets made entirely of free accessories.

Talking to Kotaku, Romance Brown Jr., a member of r/halodripfinite, who regularly stream on Twitch, indicating the increase of Halo InfiniteTime-sensitive events are the basis of why free customization options appear. These events, which typically run for a week or two, all feature free event-themed battle cards. By completing the relevant challenges (i.e. “kill five Spartans in PvP Attrition”), you increase your level, with each new level getting a new reward. For the most part, those bonuses come in the form of new cosmetic options for your player avatar, a 25th-century superhero known as the Spartan.

A Spartan wearing Shadow Sorel armor in Halo Infinite.

Some cosmetics, such as the “Shadow Sorel” armor overlay here, unlocked during the campaign, are available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at no additional cost.
Screenshots: 343 Industries / Tristan Miller

At the end of December, 343 Industries launched a free, pepper-flavored fresh product.”Winter backupThe event is complete with 10 battle levels of its own. Present, Halo Infinite being in the middle of a cyberpunk theme”Online confrontation, ” Also demonstrates passing the 10-level battle. And Halo InfiniteThe first part of “Fracture: Tenrai, “Gives players a set of samurai-themed armor along with 30-level battle pass. (Broken bone: Tenrai returns next week.)

“Personally, I think the best free armor set is the Yoroi armor,” said Brown Jr. speak. “It is the most unique armor core and has the most free accessories.”

When Fracture: Tenrai first ran in late November, the reward was — put this as nicely as possible—total damn trash. Cosmetic selections flaunted in promotional art were featured in the microtransaction store. You can only progress seven levels per event, which results in a pair of shoulder pads separating between runs, so you should theoretically have to wait a month to equip both (you you know, for balance). And that’s to say nothing of single item uses, like XP boosts and challenge swaps, that helped make it through.

Because Fracture: Tenrai’s Second Run, 343 Industries has improved its offerings, removing most of the single-use items and adding new colors, new touchpads, and some accessories that were previously controlled behind the charge wall. In the old days, those who wore Yoroi were considered generous, “herbs. Now, with all the bells and whistles, it might just be the coolest free set out there:

The three spartan soldiers use the equipment available for free in Halo Infinite.

Brown Jr. lookbook, showing (from left) kits styled with rewards from the Winter Contingency, Fracture: Tenrai, and Cyber ​​Showdown events.
Screenshots: 343 Industries / Romance Brown Jr.

Regardless of your approach, designing a seriously stylish Spartan requires buying into a certain level of role-playing, according to r/halodripfinite moderator Tristan Miller, whose idea of ​​the game. subreddit sparked by similar style enthusiasts r / reddeadfashion.

“I often think about what the characters I create will wear. ‘What is their role in the team?’ Halo Reach helped establish different archetypes,” says Miller, using that game’s Jorge (whose unique armor set can be unlocked at level 80 in Infinite‘s premium battle pass) as an example. In that case you might want to equip something like a Mark VII helmet (unlocked at level 96 in the free battle pass) with an Armet attachment (level 98). You get what Miller calls a “badass” look. Plus, with the color range of sun visors available for free, along with accessories available through events, you can put your own spin on it.

Both Brown Jr. and Miller both say the Cyber ​​Showdown event from afar offers the most stylish freebies to date. Throughout its ten levels, players can unlock a new sun visor, a new armor layer, and two new weapon skins, plus two truly inspired layers, if it’s a bit off-centre, neon accessories. The event also didn’t follow the annoying daily playtime limits that caused the Winter Fallback issue. Cyber ​​Showdown is live in Halo Infinite until next Tuesday.

A spartan wearing Willow Tea armor in Halo Infinite.

The “Willow Tea” armor coating, which became available as a capstone challenge last year, was a hit.
Screenshots: 343 Industries / Tristan Miller

Halo InfiniteEvents added some much-needed color options to the freestylers wardrobe. Those are in addition to the two widely praised schemes already available in the free card, “bluestone” (level 11) and yellow-spotted “ghost gray” (level 56). And often, the game’s capstone reward — earned by completing all of the weekly challenges — can be a new layer of armor, as was the case with last year’s lavish “willow tea.”

That said, color options — or, rather, lack of options — are largely responsible for any sour taste. Halo Infinite players got a feel for the game’s customization approach.

“Red in Halo 3 Miller said. “Now we have to pay for red instead of maroon.”

Overall, while there are tons of free customization options available, Halo Infinite players seem to be more inclined to withdraw their credit cards. Even r/halodripfinite members who end up championing bargain bins buy at least anything else. See how Brown Jr.’s Yoroi set, pictured above, comes equipped with the “judgment hat” armor effect? You can only earn that effect with the premium tier of the battle card, which costs around $10.

It’s not clear how broad thinking— “I will buy one thing” — exists on Halo Infinite player base. When reached for comment, a Microsoft representative, Halo InfiniteThe publisher, declined to provide a breakdown of how many players have paid for additional in-game content. But anecdotally, Miller told me that most members of r/halodripfinite have purchased at least one item for Halo Infinite. In fact, Miller himself once spent 500 credits (about $5) on an “Invasion Pack,” which includes a desert-appropriate “sandrift gulley” armor coating and some solid shoulder pads sure.

A spartan with cat ears next to 3 other spartans in Halo Infinite on the Behemoth map.

Cat ears in the wild!
Screenshots: 343 Industries / Kotaku

“I don’t live life with many regrets, but don’t buy clear cat ears Halo Infinite The store is one of them,” Brown Jr. speak. “I’ll buy them immediately if they come back to the store.”

Miller, meanwhile, was considering the activation Anubis helmet, becomes a free included option in Halo 5: Guardian but frequently appear, at a cost, in Halo Infinite.

“Let’s just say I see more cat ears than Anubis helmets,” says Miller. “I wish it was the other way around.”

Over the past month, in addition to offering more cosmetic options at no extra cost to players through events, 343 Industries has made well-received changes to the way deals work. micro Halo Infinite. Last week, In-store prices drop across the board. This week, items will begin to show part by part, rather than as part of the package. And when season two starts in May, you’ll be able to earn credits through playing. These are all steps in the right direction, but the broad hope is that 343 Industries maintains its momentum.

“Armor is the most important part of a player’s expression,” says Miller. “Limits to what we can have limits our imaginations.”

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